Sun Yan stepped on the accelerator, carefully avoided the body of the new human under the wheel, and drove up the road in a zigzag way. He answered in a low voice, "He …" The two of them weren't like this before. With Gu Xinzhi's solitary character in the past, no one greeted him, and he might not follow them at all. And with Ding Qiuyun's personality, there is no reason to see old friends but turn a blind eye to them. While driving, Sun Yan made a murmur, guessing whether the two men had any conflicts after their retirement. Sun Yan is not the only one who mutters. Yan Lanlan is a person who won't embarrass herself if she has something to do. After observing Gu Xinzhi for a while, she opened her mouth and said, "Mr. Gu?" Gu Xinzhi had already looked at Yan Lanlan's face and nodded, his eyes still locked on Ding Qiuyun's face. Yan Lanlan was not as polite as he was. She asked directly, "The squatting places of the new generation outside the mall are obviously trying to surround us.". What the hell is going on? "Surround you?" Gu Xinzhi took the corner of his eye to Yan Lanlan coldly, "those people know you will come here?" Yan Lanlan was speechless. Lying on the felt, Ding Qiuyun opened his mouth: "." Are they here to kill you? There was no emotion in his voice, but it made Gu Xinzhi excited. Now, any sign that was different from his dream could stimulate his nerves. More strange players or indifferent Ding Qiuyun,warehouse rack manufacturer, as long as the scene is different from the dream, he can have enough evidence to hypnotize himself, and tell himself that everything in front of him is not his wishful dream. He half knelt in Ding Qiuyun's ear and spoke softly to him: "Yes, yes." "Why?" Gu Xinzhi wanted to shake his hand, but when he dodged, his expression changed slightly, but he immediately recalled everything in his dream,Drive in racking system, and his heart was filled with joy. He explained with unprecedented patience: "Over the years, I have killed many new people.". A few days ago, a group of new humans came to me and asked me to be their leader. The origin of that dream was that the new people came to him and wanted to be their leader, provided that he helped them try to take an old human town two hundred kilometers away. God knows when Gu Xinzhi saw the faces in the new human negotiation team, what kind of turbulent black waves and clouds were surging in his heart. Especially the faces of several of them, which he had seen in his dreams. They cheered around themselves because they succeeded in destroying all the players under Ding Qiuyun. Looking at them, Gu Xinzhi thought of Ding Qiuyun, who had fallen in a pool of blood for countless times. At that time, Gu Xinzhi looked at all the faces, lit a cigarette, looked at the leader and asked, "Why are you looking for me?" The man smiled. "We want to entrust you to protect someone." Gu Xinzhi: "Hmm?" As far as I know, Industrial pallet rack ,Warehouse storage racks, that man is your old friend and one of the most troublesome old human beings at present. Sooner or later, we will try to destroy him. That's why we want you to come out. Only you can protect him. Gu Xinzhi exhaled a puff of smoke slowly: "Who is he?" The leader replied, "Ding Qiuyun." With a cigarette in his mouth, Gu Xinzhi got up and went to the door and closed the half-open door of the mall. On that day, the door of the mall was never opened again, and no one came out, only the gurgling blood trickled out along the crack of the door, attracting some wild animals to drink. After taking care of these people, Gu Xinzhi, with blood on his hands, sat in the pile of dead people, smoking one cigarette after another, letting the light and shadow outside the window move from white to black. It was really like his dream, he thought. He thought that if the repeated nightmare was some kind of omen in the dark, he might as well strangle it in the cradle. It is because of this that he has offended the new human side. They set up an ambush, is to kill Gu Xinzhi, who want to let Ding Qiuyun they touched this bad luck. Time returns to the rumbling truck. Ding Qiuyun looked sideways at Gu Xinzhi. "So, did you promise him?" Gu Xinzhi glanced at his hands and said calmly, "I drove them away." Ding Qiuyun drawled, oh. Then he closed his eyes and said no more. Ding Qiuyun's attitude made Yan Lanlan's score of Gu Xinzhi plummet in her heart. She didn't want to talk to Gu Xinzhi very much. She knocked on the roof: "Big Sun, pick a smooth road and drive slowly.". Captain Ding is injured. The car fell into an awkward silence, only Chi Xiaochi calmly found a stable rest point for himself. His boss's belly. He put his hand on the wound and frowned secretly. 061 also did not have the cold voice and cold air in the shop just now, reproached: "So careless." Chi Xiaochi shamelessly acts like a spoiled child: "It hurts." 061 He had a pain in the apex of his heart, so he took a card to shield the pain and gave it to him. Chi Xiaochi turned over with a smile, hugged the boss's tail, and whispered to 061: "Teacher Six, do you think the boss is angry with me? He ignored me when he got on the bus. I rubbed him and ignored him." 061 There's nothing I can do about him, just a sigh. It won't. 061's voice was particularly helpless and gentle. "It's just afraid of getting you dirty." Chi Xiaochi curled up, thinking that he would not dislike it. The dull pain in the bone disappeared, and he simply relaxed and fell asleep. Aware of the man's steady breath after falling asleep, Gu Xinzhi tentatively stretched out his hand to touch the man's eyebrows and eyes, but the panther who was sleeping on Ding Qiuyun's pillow turned his head. It did not send out a threatening low roar, but quietly looked at Gu Xinzhi, eyes cold, like looking at a piece of meat. Gu Xinzhi withdrew his hand and gave a silent sneer, thinking that it must be a dream. After all, the existence of this leopard is really too magical. As for Ding Qiuyun's hateful gaze at himself, it was probably because he had dreamed too much and confused the plot. After rushing back to the town overnight, Yan Lanlan did not even wake up Chi Xiaochi. She appointed a young man in the team to take Chi Xiaochi back to his dormitory for a rest. Don't tell Ding's parents about his injury first. After arranging the captain clearly,Pallet rack upright, Yan Lanlan turned her eyes to Gu Xinzhi. As usual, Yan Lanlan asked, "What can you do?" 。