Original title: Can wearing masks for a long time induce lung cancer? Bullshit! This article is all about the purchase and wearing of masks. Recently, the Shanghai Anti-rumor Platform received a message from netizens, hoping to verify whether the statement that "lung nodules increase significantly after wearing masks for a long time" is correct. According to online reports, some people attributed the harm of masks to the melt-blown cloth in the middle layer of masks, pointing out that melt-blown cloth is a petroleum product, "micro-particles enter the lungs through the respiratory tract", so it is harmful. Is this true? If wearing masks for a long time is so harmful, what about doctors and other people who need to wear masks for a long time? Mask melt-blown nonwovens do not release "fine particles" Zhou Yiming, an associate professor of general surgery at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said the online news was unreliable. He pointed out that in addition to blocking the spread of COVID-19, masks can also prevent various respiratory diseases caused by inhaling haze, but masks are not effective in blocking tobacco smoke, the biggest risk factor for lung cancer. The main side effects of wearing masks for a long time are chronic hypoxia and skin problems caused by hot and humid weather. This is why disease control experts remind the public to wear masks with different levels of protection on different occasions, because among all kinds of masks, masks with higher levels of protection, such as N95, have greater respiratory resistance and are not suitable for long-term wear. He also warned that the most effective way to prevent lung cancer is to avoid smoking, breathing second-hand smoke and paying attention to healthy diet. As for the rumor that "melt-blown cloth will release micro-particles", the Shanghai anti-rumor platform also consulted a number of chemical experts, saying that the statement is nonsense. Relevant people pointed out that melt-blown cloth is the core material of masks, and it does use petrochemical polypropylene as the main raw material, but it will not release particles. According to the logic of online messaging,3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask, it means that all plastic products are volatile. Plastic is a polymer structure, normally molecules are bonded together, and it is impossible to "degrade" or "release" small particles. From the perspective of application scenarios, plastic products and related raw materials are widely used worldwide, including medical, food and so on, and the application is becoming more and more extensive. If these products are harmful to the human body, how can these applications be obtained? At the same time, qualified listed plastic products and related raw materials need to undergo professional testing to meet the national and industry standards, and there is no risk of online transmission. These misunderstandings related to masks should also be clarified. The Shanghai Anti-rumor Platform also found that questions such as "what kind of masks to choose on different occasions", "whether masks disinfected with ethylene oxide will also carry poison" and "how to choose qualified masks" have been repeatedly mentioned. In fact, KN95 Face Mask ,Medical Disposable Coverall, they all have official answers. How to choose masks for different occasions? Recently, the weather in Shanghai has become hot, and many citizens say that they can't wear masks. In this regard, Wu Huanyu, deputy director of the city CDC, reminded the public that they should still wear masks when they go out, because wearing masks is an effective way to block respiratory droplet transmission. When wearing a mask, the public should pay attention to the complete coverage of the mouth and nose when wearing a mask. However, the type of mask can be adjusted according to the scene: If you go to outdoor places such as parks, you can wear disposable surgical mask. If you go to shopping malls, supermarkets, offices and other indoor places, you can wear particulate matter protective masks, that is, KN95/N95 mask. If you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment, it is recommended to wear KN95/N95 and above particulate protective masks or medical protective masks. Expand the full text Masks disinfected with ethylene oxide are poisonous? This is a rumor that has been cleared up many times. Zhou Yiming said that ethylene oxide is a common disinfectant and is indeed toxic, but it is not scientific to talk about toxicity without dosage. The residual amount of ethylene oxide in masks produced according to the standard process will not endanger health. For the public, it is more important to choose qualified masks. Wearing a mask can blow out the lighter, but the mask is not qualified? For the selection of qualified masks, there are also some folk "secret recipes" circulating on the Internet, including "wearing a mask can blow out the lighter, indicating that the quality of the mask is not good; can not blow out, indicating that the quality of the mask is reliable". Shanghai CDC has made it clear that this evaluation method is not comprehensive and reliable. Shanghai CDC said that wearing a mask to blow a lighter can only qualitatively reflect the exhalation resistance of the mask, and can not reflect the key technical indicators of the mask-filtering efficiency. For the public, two points should be paid attention to when choosing masks: One is to inquire about the registration number of the mask. In China, medical masks are managed as medical devices and must be filed with the drug supervision and administration department. Usually, the public can see the registration certificate number on the mask packaging, and then inquire through the National Medical Products Administration official website https://www.nmpa.gov.cn/. If it can be found, it means that the product has been registered and filed, and the product is more credible. It should be noted that particulate protective masks (including common KN95 masks or N95 mask) are not regulated as medical devices, so they cannot be queried through the above website. However, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will conduct spot checks and publicize the unqualified products. The second is to check the implementation standard number of the mask. Each mask has its corresponding product standard. For example, for disposable medical masks, the corresponding standard is "YY/T 0969 Disposable Medical Masks"; The standard corresponding to the surgical mask is "YY 0469 surgical mask", and the standard corresponding to the KN95 respirator or N95 mask is "GB 2626 Respiratory Protection Self-priming Filter Particulate Respirator" or "American NIOSH Certification" or "European EN149"; The corresponding standard for medical protective masks is "GB 19083 Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks" or "NIOSH Certification". Chart source: WeChat public account "Shanghai CDC" According to the requirements of the standard, the executive standard number shall be marked on the smallest package. If the executive standard number cannot be found, it is recommended not to purchase. 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