Original title: What is the standard of preferred protective suit? Three times the national target! Technology plus efficiency is China's strength. Many people know about the epidemic through a series of news reports and case figures, but no matter how many news interviews and real-time digital information they watch, they feel more cruel than front-line doctors. Doctors on the front line not only need to bear the pressure of treatment for critically ill patients, but also need to resist the fear of the virus invading the body. They have been able to fight in the front line of the "epidemic" so far because the medical and protective suit they use are powerful enough. An anesthesiologist from Union Medical College Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, who supports Union Medical College West District, once explained his support experience in a forum. As a doctor who goes to the front line for emergency intubation, he needs to manage and maintain the team of mechanical ventilation for critically ill patients. As a respiratory disease, COVID-19, through aerosol transmission, when the team's doctors intubate the patient,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, the aerosol ejected from the patient's airway will directly spray the doctor's face. It can be imagined that if the quality of protective equipment is not good enough, these doctors who are treating patients will become victims directly, and countless medical staff will be infected because of the equipment whose protective indicators are not up to standard. Medical protection products have certain protection standards, such as the degree of virus filtration,Medical Full Body Coverall, the value of blood osmotic pressure and so on, all of which have strict quantitative indicators. At present, many enterprises are transforming production, but the technical barriers in cross-border production are difficult to break, so even if some factories can produce medical protective equipment urgently, it is difficult for all medical staff to use it safely. At this time, when it comes to enterprises that can not only efficiently mobilize production, but also ensure product quality, Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing ,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, we have to talk about China's military factories with considerable historical accumulation. In this battle against the "epidemic", the protective suit of several military factories that have transformed their production are particularly trusted by medical staff. Jihua 3521 Company, which was born in the Supply Department of the Fourth Division of the New Fourth Army, is one of them. Xia Qianjun, the executive director of Jihua 3521, is the head of the key technology research and application demonstration project of emergency rescue special protective materials of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and his technical authority is beyond doubt. Since Jihua 3521 decided to start the transformation of production protective suit, Comrade Xia Qianjun has been making use of his profound professional knowledge, from materials, standards to technology, personally checking and questioning, racing against time, controlling key nodes, ensuring the success of one-time testing, and ensuring the provision of high-quality products with high protection level. Expand the full text For this reason, in a large number of medical protective suit transported to the front line, the quality of the products produced by Jihua 3521 has always been in the forefront, and it is also the preferred brand of many critical departments. The national standard of medical protective suit virus filtration is 70%, and the anti-blood penetration pressure value must reach 1500 Pa, while the protective suit virus filtration rate produced by Jihua 3521 reaches 99.97%, and the anti-blood penetration pressure value reaches 13000 Pa, which is 2 to 3 times the national standard. Such high-standard medical protective suit is the most solid battlefield armor and life-protecting artifact for front-line doctors! As the world's largest manufacturing country, China has the strongest industrial capacity in the world and the largest industrial system in the world. Military factories like Jihua 3521 can be quickly converted to military use in wartime to produce weapons and equipment, and can also be converted to professional medical protective equipment manufacturers in peacetime according to the national conditions, which is enough to reflect the extremely strong m obilization and organizational capabilities and scientific and technological level of Chinese state-owned enterprises and military enterprises. As soon as the motherland gives the order,Full Body Disposable Coverall, they will be able to go through fire and water with the vigorous and resolute action of a soldier. Today, we give applause to him, the veteran military industry who has made great achievements for China! Note: This article is exclusively created by Today's Business News. Reproduction or quotation without authorization is prohibited. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com