Original Title: Juneyao Airlines Delivers 100,000 Masks Free of Charge to Help Swedish Chinese The staff handled the consignment formalities for the materials. Map provided by Juneyao Airlines China New Zealand Online Shanghai, March 14 (Reporter Yin Liqin, Correspondent Jin Zhe) On March 14, Juneyao Airlines carried out HO1607 Shanghai Pudong Helsinki flight to transport 20,000 protective masks free of charge to support overseas Chinese in Sweden. This is also the first time that Juneyao Airlines has actively responded to the needs of overseas Chinese and carried out the task of transporting foreign aid and epidemic prevention materials. Including these 20,000 masks, a total of 100,000 masks will be shipped to Finland via Juneyao Airlines flights in the near future, and then transferred to Sweden. Blood is thicker than water, which makes us deeply concerned about the situation of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, "said Wang Junjin, chairman of Juneyao Airlines." This transportation is also the first time that Juneyao Airlines has carried out the "reverse" transportation of epidemic prevention materials from home to abroad since the outbreak of the epidemic. As the largest private full-service aviation enterprise in China, Juneyao Airlines will not hesitate to provide necessary assistance to overseas Chinese in distress. We look forward to the end of the epidemic as soon as possible. In recent years, Swedish COVID-19 pandemic has spread,Medical Full Body Coverall, the number of confirmed cases has been rising, while the local prevention and control materials have also been scarce. At this moment, the People's Government of Haining City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, in the case of its own shortage of resources,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, tried its best to raise epidemic prevention materials including 100,000 masks, which were delivered to Helsinki free of charge through Juneyao Airlines direct flights. After arriving in Finland, these materials will be transported to Sweden by the Swedish Haining Center, and will be distributed free of charge to overseas Chinese in Switzerland under the guidance of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden and the Haining Municipal People's Government, which will play a positive role in the prevention and control of the epidemic among overseas Chinese in Switzerland. The staff handled the consignment formalities for the materials. Map provided by Juneyao Airlines During the spread of the epidemic in China, the Chinese and overseas Chinese in Switzerland were concerned about the motherland and their compatriots. The Haining Center in Sweden made great efforts to raise epidemic prevention materials and donated them to China free of charge to support the anti-epidemic work. It has raised and donated about 30,000 medical masks, nearly 1,200 infrared thermometers and 1,900 protective suit, free shipping disposable coverall ,Medical Disposable Coverall, and transported them to China free of charge through Juneyao Airlines flights to support the first-line anti-epidemic work in China. When the overseas epidemic is severe, the domestic compatriots launched the "reverse" transportation of epidemic prevention materials, which reflects the deep friendship of Chinese at home and abroad belonging to the blood of the Chinese nation. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Juneyao Airlines has taken measures to issue safety and health guidelines for crew members and provide protective materials for the use of front-line personnel such as crew members; At the same time, special cabin epidemic prevention work was carried out, and 22 service procedures were adjusted successively, covering the whole service process, including the adjustment of on-board meal service, the adjustment of aircraft supplies, and the specification of cabin disinfection work, so as to avoid cabin cross infection. At the same time, Juneyao Airlines, in accordance with the spirit of the guidance documents of the Civil Aviation Administration, actively handles full refund for eligible passengers. In addition, Juneyao Airlines also actively responded to the call of "Juneyao Global Action" of its parent group, Juneyao Group, and purchased epidemic prevention materials worldwide through the resource advantages of domestic and foreign business departments. As of March 13, Juneyao Group has organized its employees, including Juneyao Airlines, to purchase and donate 500 ventilators, disposable protective suit 172404 sets, 7000 sets of non-disposable protective clothing, 100000 sets of disposable isolation clothing, 393055 of general medical masks, 77700 of N95 masks, 5467 goggles, etc. Medical surgical caps, 260000, 95 forehead temperature guns, a total of more than 1 million pieces of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic materials, and all sent to Hubei and other areas where the epidemic is serious. At present, global procurement without a ceiling is still going on. Meanwhile, Juneyao Airlines has announced that its flights will carry epidemic prevention materials free of charge since January 26. As of March 13, more than 3 million pieces of epidemic prevention materials, including conjoined protective suit, medical masks,KN95 Face Mask, goggles and medical gloves, were transported, with a total weight of more than 110 tons. (End) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com