Original title: Brief introduction of titanium rod filter Brief introduction of titanium rod filter 1, that titanium rod filt has good mechanical property, can perform pressure filtration and suction filtration, and is simple to operate. (Reverse-type decarburization filtration without residual liquid and heat preservation filtration). 2. High temperature resistance (300 ℃ wet state), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance,Titanium welding pipe, suitable for a variety of environments. 3. The titanium rod filter produced by Likun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. has no particles falling off, does not pollute the liquid medicine,titanium sheet grade 5, and meets the requirements of food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP. 4, online regeneration, easy to clean (standby cleaning formula), long service life (normal use of more than 3 years). 5. The titanium rod precision filter of Likun Titanium Industry Co., 6al4v titanium bar ,ti6al4v, Ltd. has low pressure difference, small floor area and large flow rate, and the maximum flow rate can be achieved by 0.2 MPa. Titanium rod precision filter related use introduction: 1. Beverages, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, vinegar and soy sauce in food and beverage need to be clarified and filtered by titanium rod precision filter. 2. In the pharmaceutical industry, the decarburization filtration in the concentrated preparation of large infusion, small injection, eye drops and oral liquid and the terminal filtration in the diluted preparation need to be protected and filtered by titanium rod precision filter. 3. Filtration of compressed air in the production of tablets and capsules, and gas filtration in other industries. 4. Filtration of oilfield reinjection water. In oil production, the early injection of high quality water into the low permeability oil field is the fundamental guarantee for the low permeability oil field to supplement energy and stabilize production for a long time. The precision of the particles in the water treated by the titanium rod filter element can reach more than 1-2 μm, and the content of the particles is within 2 mg/L. 5. Fine filtration of liquid products, liquid raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates in chemical industry; filtration of powdered activated carbon; filtration, washing and recovery of superfine crystal catalyst; fine filtration of titanium rod fine filter after resin adsorption; impurity removal and filtration of system heat transfer oil and materials, purification of catalytic gas,titanium round bar, etc. 6. Ultrafiltration, RO and EDI security filtration in water treatment industry, and aeration mixed filtration in ozone disinfection. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com