Original title: How to measure and customize the cabinet door Recently, I just finished installing a house. This is the third house I have installed in my life. Did not find a decoration company, in order to save money. Ambry, it is the person that everybody wants to decorate new home, a major event that cannot be avoided. Whole house customization, no need to cut wood in your own home, less noise, dust, and a lot of trouble. But compared with the carpentry on-site cabinet, the price of the whole house customization is also high. And there are many corners in our house, so we want to maximize the use of space, and finally, we chose the on-site carpentry to make cabinets. Of course, mainly to save money. The cabinet is ready to make the cabinet door. After running around the building materials market,printed tape measure, we found that the price of the European pine board base material + pet veneer we wanted was basically 300 + per square meter, not including hardware, handles and installation fees. (Coordinates: Shanghai) Later, I looked on the Internet and found that the price was much cheaper. Then order the door online and find someone to install it yourself. Acquaintance introduction, 58 cities, looking for a few installation masters to ask,retractable tape measure sewing, measurement fee + installation fee, RMB50 + each square. Roughly calculated, our cabinet door needs 30 square meters, and the installation fee of small 2K is painful. So, in order to save money, he decided to measure and install himself. Thanks to today's developed network, and thanks to so many people on the network who are willing to share their professional knowledge. I gave full play to my good learning ability (who was not a super scholar at that time), and spent the whole morning learning how to measure the cabinet body, how to leave the gap size, what kind of hinge to buy, tailor measure tape ,bra measuring tape, how to install.. Then, I spent most of the day with LG to measure the size. After that, calculate the size of the cabinet door, through different shops, buy crystal steel plate (kitchen), European pine board cabinet door, hinge, handle, an electric screwdriver.. After the cabinet door arrived, I found that these online stores were really good. The quality of the cabinet door is better than that customized from the small shop in the building materials market before. Moreover, the packaging is firm. LG, the designer, spent a weekend installing all the cabinet doors smoothly under my technical guidance. Looking at the cabinet door we installed, the sense of achievement is self-evident. Most importantly, it saves money. Expand the full text Open Baidu APP to see high-definition pictures Summarize our own measurement, custom cabinet door matters needing attention as follows, if there are partners like us, not afraid of trouble, want to save some money, I hope to help you: Measuring cabinet door: 1. Make sure you have a tape measure in your hand. The scale is accurate. As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. There are several tape measures in our house. When measuring, I suddenly found that there was a difference of several millimeters in the data measured by different tape measures. Later, when we pulled out several tape measures and lined them up, we found that the scales of these tape measures were different. I don't know which one is accurate. Later, the carpenter recommended a professional tape measure, which cost more than 30 yuan. 2. When measuring Upper, middle and lower (or left, middle and right), measure a few more points, take the minimum value, accurate to mm. 3. Leave a crack in the door 。 We left 2mm in the middle of the door and 1mm on the side of the door. Pretend to feel About the same size. The crack in the door is very small. But doe not affect that switch. The total length minus the reserved size of the door crack, divided by the number of doors, is the size of each door. 4. The cabinet body is provided with a clapboard ? When customizing the cabinet door,custom tape measure, write down the position of the partition. Or talk to the customer service directly about the location of the hinge opening on the door panel. Customized cabinet doors generally leave the factory with hinge holes. Conventional hinge holes, upper and lower 10 cm from sides. If the door is big. ? There will be multiple hinge holes. Determine the opening position of the hinge in advance, so as to avoid interference between the hinge and the cabinet partition during installation. Install the cabinet door: Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com