Originally published as What is a perforated plate? All-Field Design Competition | GHDA Global Habitat Design Award 3rd Round of Application Opens Nanheng Pedestrian Street/Muyue Architecture Office Nowadays, building materials are more and more abundant and novel. A single material can not meet the design needs. When we talk about building materials, Have habitually thought of marble, aluminum, paint and so on. Are you hungry for something new? In fact, add some creativity to ordinary materials. There will be unexpected surprises. Like a perforated plate ~ It's actually a perforated metal plate. But ordinary metal plates are processed differently. It can be used in a variety of ways under the designer. Create a different rhythm and architectural texture. Bring a surprise to the city we live in ~ What is a perforated plate? Perforated plate As the name suggests, it is a perforated metal plate. Expand the full text Also known as perforated plate, perforated metal, perforated screen. Most of them are metal plates such as aluminum alloy. Processed by stamping machine or milling machine Has the characteristics of long service life, no deformation and the like. Perforated sheet metal has been available for nearly 150 years. Originally developed as a filter and sorter Mainly used in the mining industry It turns out With the development of science and technology Its use soon expanded beyond its original function. It has developed so far It has been widely used in architecture, landscape and interior design. As a metal building material Perforated plates are born with an avant-garde temperament. It is widely used in architecture, landscape, indoor and outdoor decoration. Used to create a stylish and modern aesthetic. Hole size of perforated plate The patterns can be carefully processed and designed according to the needs. Holes of different sizes, densities and shapes Form different translucent line of sight effect Different pass types of perforated plate The hole types of the punching plate include: rectangular hole,personalized tape measure, square hole, rhombic hole, round hole, oblong hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole,seamstress measuring tape, triangular hole, long waist hole, quincunx hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, splayed net, herringbone hole, pentagonal star hole, irregular hole, bulging hole, bespoken tape measure ,custom tailor tape, special-shaped hole and louver hole. There are many materials for perforated plates. Materials are mostly stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, copper plate and so on. At present, most of the products on the market are perforated aluminum plates. Perforated aluminum plate with light material and good chemical stability Beautiful appearance, elegant color and strong three-dimensional effect Ood decorative effect and simple and convenient assembly The advantages of perforated plates are as follow "Porosity" The most immediate visual characteristic of perforated sheet metal is porosity Porosity means The two spaces separated by the epidermis are permeable to each other. Break down the inherent boundaries between inside and outside Create a more open public space in form. It can provide the city and users with the intuitive feeling they need. It really achieves the mutual penetration of internal space and external space. The porosity of the perforated plate allows the interior and exterior to penetrate each other. "Mottled Light and Shadow Effects" Perforated plate under sunlight or light It will produce rich light and shadow changes. This effect will give the building a unique and vivid visual effect. This light and shadow effect Make the relationship between the main body of the building and the outer skin more hazy. It has a sense of integrity and hierarchy. The change of hole size, hole diameter and perforation rate. It will also produce different effects of light and shadow changes. Different light and shadow effects produced by different hole types "Different combinations of panels" Perforated metal sheets can be made according to the architect's needs. Make different shapes and sizes Make different combinations of connections Combination mode is rich and changeable Different board surface combination form "Reduce sound level" In the field of acoustics Sound absorption is one of the important measures to control noise and improve indoor sound quality. Perforation plates have exactly this advantage. Studies have shown that perforated metal can help reduce sound levels. Its acoustic properties help personnel reduce the health effects of noise Buildings use perforated metal panels in front of their stands. Could result in 29% energy savings Perforated panel sound absorption structure A sound absorption structure in which an air layer or porous material is placed behind a perforated thin plate and fixed on a rigid wall can be regarded as a resonant system composed of a mass and a spring. When the frequency of the incident sound wave is consistent with the resonant frequency of the system, the air in the perforated plate vibrates and rubs violently, which strengthens the absorption effect and forms an absorption peak, so that the sound energy is significantly attenuated. Away from the resonant frequency, the absorption is small. If a porous material is placed behind the perforated plate to increase the acoustic resistance, the absorption band of the structure will be widened. In the design process of concert hall, cinema, multi-function hall, etc. Sound Absorption Structure as Acoustical Design And the main technical means of noise control. It has been widely used. For example, Wuxi Grand Theater The surface of the fin is a hyperboloid perforated aluminum plate. Design: PES-Architects How does the perforation plate work? Two perforation methods are commonly used in modern times: "CNC Punch Piercing" Numerical control punch is a common way of piercing. Punch the metal surface by means of machine tool stamping The stamping process can be performed on a metal screen, And quick perforations on a large surface area of the panel. "Laser perforation" Laser perforation is the latest development of perforation technology. It is also a relatively expensive and complex technology. Higher accuracy and randomness Nowadays Perforated metal sheets have been used by designers in a variety of applications. From industrial filters and acoustic panels Then to architectural interior decoration and landscape wall sketches. You can see its figure. Application of perforated plate "Construction Field" Perforated plate It can unify the building facade and separate the space. While achieving a semi-private effect and security The space remains comfortably breathable. And form a wonderful light and shadow effect. Combined with metal, wood and other materials Different textures and textures can be formed So that the building facade can get rich artistic changes. "Xing · She", designed by Daxing, Beijing and Cawston, Canada Lolly-Laputan Children's Restaurant, Dalian Wutopia Lab Beijing Jingkai Zhihui Park New Media Exhibition Center hyperSity Architectural Design Firm Malmö Art Museum, Tham & Videg Videgård Arkitekter, Sweden Stanley Saitowitz, Tampa Museum of Art, Florida | Natoma Architect "Landscape Domain" Chinese classical gardens are exquisite. "Wherever there is a place to look out, it seems to be the meaning of avoiding the outside and hiding the inside." There is reality in the void, hidden but not leaking. The perforated plate can perfectly meet the needs of this courtyard landscape. Hermes Art Center, Beijing Architecture Design Studio Hong Kong Landmark Yijiang County Landscape: SWA Group, Weitu Design Agency Architecture: Shanghai Botao Shenyang Vanke Feicui Riverside Landscape Bede Sunan Vanke 138 Degrees Park Avenue D + H Landscape Design & Wuwei Design Shenyang Yuexiu Xinghui Brocade Landscape Bede "Indoor Domain" Perforated plates can be used as partitions or decorations in the interior. Create a low-key and simple fashion style The light passes through different hole patterns. With the change of light and shadow Create an extraordinary artistic effect Perforated plate Be able to make architectural and landscape materials And take on the role of interior decoration. Appearance and strength coexist Such a perforated plate Isn't he handsome? References: On the Design and Application of Perforated Plates in Architectural Exterior Skin, by Chen Yao Research on Applicability Design of Perforated Metal Skin in Sports Architecture, by Ji Weidong and Ge Wei Sound Absorption Performance and Application of Perforated Panel Sound Absorption Structure, by Zuo Yanyan,bra tape measure, Zhou Jinhua, Liu Haibo, Hong Jianhai The case part comes from goood design website. Thanks to the above original author! Warm Reminder: The time of this inspection activity is March 13 and March 14. The number of places is limited. Interested friends please contact Mr. Chu to register in time. G H D A Global Habitat Design Awards Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com