Personality traits of individuals vary slightly based on the time of year when they were born and astrological signs could be a helpful method for storing the patterns that are exhibited, as per an analysis done by UConn research scientist Mark Hamilton. These seasonal changes might not be apparent to people, but can be observed by comparing the traits of a large group of people born around the same time of year.

Psychologists have observed the fact that some personality characteristics are related to certain birth dates. For instance, those born in January or February are more imaginative, and are at a greater risk to be diagnosed as having schizophrenia in comparison to people born at other time of the year. People born in odd-numbered months are likely to be more social when compared with those born into months with even numbers.



Traditional Western Astrology employs elements (water and earth, air and fire) as well as the sign duality (bright/dark) and sign quality (cardinal variable, fixed and mutable) to explain and classify these impacts. It regards the time period between late December and early March to be an "wet" season and connects wetness with creativity, for instance. "Fixed" signs are believed to be more persistent and stubborn than other signs.

Hamilton examined a database set of 300 people in the fields of politics as well as public service, science and literature, the arts and sports. He discovered that famous people's birth dates were more likely to occur during certain dates in the course of the year. Signs that were 'wet' were linked to more stars in the same way as signs that were classified as bright and fixed.

"Psychologists would like to discredit these astrological connections, however, there are seasonality effects that we are yet to understand," says Hamilton, an expert in the social sciences of the Communication Department at UConn. Hamilton isn't arguing that the heavenly bodies are the primary cause of these effects. Rather these astrological effects are useful instruments, or heuristics which aid people in remembering the time and pattern of nature.


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