The MLB world has been waiting for the release of the "Yankee letter," Daniel Norris Jersey where commi sioner Rob Manfred was expected to detail how involved the Yankees were in a potential sign-stealing scandal.The wait for its release is over. it had obtained the letter, which detailed what Manfred found the Yankees had done in 2015 and 2016. The letter was dated Sept. 14, 2017, and addre sed to Yankees senior vice president and general manager Brian Cashman.In allegations made by New York's rival, the Red Sox, the Yankees are accused of engaging in sign stealing similar to what the Astros and Red Sox were found to have done during their respective 2017 and 2018 World Series runs.EXPLAINED: What are the findings of the Yankee letter? The Sporting News takes a look.'Yankee letter' explainedHere's the main takeaway from the Yankee letter: The allegations are more similar to what the Red Sox did than what the Astros did.Manfred wrote that during 2015 and the first half of 2016, a member of the Yankees used the replay room at Yankee Stadium to relay sign information to the dugout, who would then send the Josh Harrison Jersey signs to runners on second base. Those runners would then signal to the batter what pitch was coming. If the Yankees were on the road at certain stadiums where the video room was not close to the dugout, they would use the phone to call the dugout to pa s the information forward.The use of a phone during certain road games is the violation for which the Yankees were fined $100,000, the letter details, since it was giving the Yankees "real-time information regarding signs to the dugout." SNY's report reiterates that back in 2017, Manfred said in a statement that Joe Jimenez Jersey it was New York's use of a phone that was the cause for the violation because it "technically cannot be used for such a communication."MORE:The Red Sox had alleged that the Yankees used YES Network (Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network) cameras pointed at the Boston dugout and a New York bullpen coach used an iPad to watch the opposing broadcast of an Angels' game. Manfred wrote in the Yankee letter it found Boston's claims about using the YES Network cameras to be "without merit" and said the Angels' viewing was on a one-pitch delay-- the letter noted that using an iPad was a violation of On-Field Regulation 1-2.A, however. The latter violation was the same one the Red Sox had violated-- Boston had used an Apple Watch for their purpose of stealing signs.SNY reported the MLB views what New York did in 2015 and 2016 as a common practice during that time period as replay had just been introduced into the league. It also found that New York did not commit any violations in 2017, an important distinction as the emergence of teams using replay to steal signs had Victor Martinez Jersey gone up due to the lack of clarification on the specific rules.FAGAN:The reason the Red Sox ultimately faced stricter penalties was because they continued to use electronic technology in 2018 after Manfred i sued a memo to teams in September 2017 warning them about future violations of the rule, clarifying what was illegal use of the video replay room. Where the Yankees' case differs Michael Fulmer Jersey from the Astros is that Houston relayed signals directly to batters in real-time without a runner on second base, and continued to do so after the memo throughout the World Series run in 2017.The Yankees fought to keep the letter under wraps after it was included in a lawsuit filed by five DraftKings users, who said they had faced damages by the sign stealing scandals in MLB. The team fought to keep the letter sealed, but their appeal was denied on April 22, .SNY reported that the Yankees claimed the release of the letter would cause "significant reputational injury," though several team employees thought that argument was an overstatement of what the letter accused the team of doing. It also reported that the letter will be unsealed this week.