The Eicher 380 Super DI tractor stands out as a robust and stylish farming companion designed specifically for Indian agricultural needs. With its 2500 CC displacement and 40 HP engine, it delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, ensuring productivity in various farming tasks. Constructed with a sturdy body made of high-quality heavy-duty metal, the tractor prioritizes durability and strength. Safety features such as the choice between dry disc brakes or oil-immersed brakes are available, providing enhanced safety and preventing unforeseen accidents. The Eicher 380 Super DI offers ease of handling with options for power or manual steering, allowing for precise maneuverability. Additionally, pre-installed attachments like tools, bumpers, and top links add to the tractor's versatility and adaptability, further enhancing its utility. Modern features, including a robust engine, a 2075 MM wheelbase, and a lifting capacity of 1200–1300 kg contribute to the tractor's functionality and efficiency. Its three cylinders effectively regulate heat and pressure, enabling uninterrupted field work. Priced between Rs. 6.10 to Rs. 6.55 lakh* in India, the Eicher 380 Super DI receives positive feedback from users for its usefulness and functionality. With benefits such as a water-cooled cooling system for extended operations, twin or single clutch options, and multiple gears for different speeds, it remains a preferred choice among farmers.