One of the main reasons for the corrosion of the Structural Characteristics of Cyclone Dust Extractor is the leakage. The leakage air is closely related to the negative pressure in the bag dust collector. The greater the negative pressure, the more serious the leakage. Run the positive pressure, and the exhaust device is about to be imported in the dust collector. The positive pressure operation does not have an adverse effect on the performance of the bag dust collector, but the dust is easy to enter the inside of the dust bag, so it is necessary to improve its sealing structure. In addition, the positive pressure operation will accelerate the wear of the exhaust device, but many domestic vertical structural charteristics of Cyclone Dust Extractor are used for positive pressure operations.

Try to reduce the number of hosts and dust collectors and dust collectors, and the number of power supply, especially the dryer, is generally large in production capacity and has to be intermittent. Some cement plants dryer should take turns to dry a variety of materials, which increases the number of start and stop. Due to frequent start and stop, the gas temperature in the dust collector drops more than once a day below the dew point. When the host stops running, it should be insulated in the dust collector. At the same time And to adjust the production plan, try to reduce the number of stops and the time to stop to the ZUI low limit.

The power -off and power supply in the bag dust collector is mainly due to the burning of fuel in the kiln. The CO content exceeds the standard and the bag dust collector itself fails. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the long -term continuous operation of the bag dust collector.

structural characteristics of cyclone dust extractor