Reducing carbon footprint is the need of the hour

Remember that awesome documentary film "Before the Flood" with Leonardo DiCaprio? Berks Insulation has learned that it was pretty eye-opening, right?  We journeyed across the globe, saw the devastating effects of climate change, and felt the urgency to take action. But did you know that the story continues right here in the UK?

Our little island nation might seem small, but we have a big carbon footprint. That means the choices we make about energy, transportation, and even the way we heat our homes have a global impact. Every puff of smoke from a chimney, every chug of a car, adds to the greenhouse gases warming our planet.

Think about it: Every time we flick on the lights, heat our homes, or even charge our phones, we're using energy. And guess what? A big chunk of that energy comes from burning fossil fuels, like coal and gas.

Climate Change  

Forget chasing penguins, Jack Hall faced a similar nightmare in Antarctica in his adventure in "Day After Tomorrow". He unearths a chilling truth - a massive ice sheet is ripped away by unseen forces. Unwittingly, he unveils a chain reaction that will unleash a global climate shift, forever altering the lives of millions.

Meanwhile, in the heart of New York City, Jack's son Sam navigates a precarious situation of his own. Caught amidst a special event, torrential rain pummels the city for days. 

Unknown to them, a series of unprecedented weather disasters are erupting across the globe. They're painting a grim picture of a planet teetering on the precipice of a new Ice Age.

Panic grips the world as populations scramble southward. They seek refuge from the encroaching glacial grip. In the face of this monumental crisis, Jack embarks on a daring mission. Purpose? To rescue his son and friends stranded in the icy wasteland that was once New York City. 

Battling not only a monstrous tidal wave but also the bone-chilling temperatures that threaten their very existence, the group must navigate a world transformed into a frozen abyss.

Beyond the silver screen, the fight for a greener future

You might be wondering what's the connection between those movies to our real world? In fact, we are facing the same situation across the globe. 

So, forget Hollywood's dramatic portrayals of climate change. The real battle for our planet often unfolds in the quiet corners of our own homes. 

It is fueled by the silent villains lurking within – our outdated, inefficient boilers. These boilers are adding fuel to the fire by causing emissions.

In-efficient, Non-Condensing Boilers

Unfortunately, many homes across the UK still have these inefficient, non-condensing heaters. They're like gas-guzzling cars for our houses, chugging away and spewing out emissions. In fact, they're responsible for a whopping 20% of the UK's home heating emissions!

These clunky contraptions may not seem as menacing as CGI tidal waves or alien invaders, but their impact is no less real. They guzzle energy like thirsty dragons. They cause climate change and air pollution. Furthermore, they're the principal cause of rising energy bills.

Think of it like this: Every time that old boiler kicks on, it's like adding fuel to the fire of environmental problems. But just like any good movie plot, there's hope! We have the power to fight back and turn the tide. Keep reading!

Energy-efficient, Condensing Boilers 

Enter the eco-champions: modern, energy-efficient boilers. These sleek heroes don't just keep us warm. They're armed with powerful energy-saving technology.

With every cycle, they:

  • Slash our carbon footprint: These eco-warriors significantly reduce emissions. They help us cool down our planet's fever.
  • Save money on energy bills: Who needs superpowers when you have a boiler that cuts your costs?
  • Breathe easier: By reducing air pollution, we create a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.


So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the fossil fuel-guzzling villain and embrace the eco-champion! Upgrading your boiler might not be as flashy as saving the world from aliens. But it's a crucial step in the fight for a cleaner, healthier planet. Remember, even small actions can have a big impact. Read on to discover how you can do it.

Free Boiler Grants

Recognizing this unseen threat, similar to those portrayed in movies, the UK government, in its proactive wisdom, has initiated Free Boiler Grants.

 This programme is bacon of hope offering Sustainable Heating Solutions. No doubt, this is our opportunity to take a stand. To not only ensure our own comfort but also to contribute to a greener future for all.

So, have you still not replaced your back boiler? Moreover, is your old boiler chugging like a steam engine and costing you a fortune in energy bills? 

You're not alone. For many UK homeowners, replacing a clunky, inefficient boiler feels like climbing Mount Everest – financially daunting and downright chilly.

Just like Leo in "Before the Flood," we can all be climate warriors! Every home that gets a free boiler is like a victory in the fight against climate change. And the best part? It's not just about saving the planet – it's about saving money on your energy bills too!

So, instead of coughing up cash for costly repairs on your prehistoric non-condensing boiler, you score a brand-new, A-rated energy-saving wonder. All for free. Now that's the kind of winter surprise we all deserve!

Eligibility Criteria for Free Boiler Scheme 


  • If your boiler is older than 2005 and is a non-condensing model, you could be eligible for the grant. Therefore, it’s time to ditch those expensive repairs and embrace a future of lower utility costs! 
  • The ECO4 scheme is still running until March 2026, so there's plenty of time to claim your free boiler. It's basically free financial support for your home!
  • This initiative is more than just about saving money. It's also about helping the UK achieve its net-zero carbon target by 2050. You'll be doing your part for the planet while staying warm and cozy.

But wait, there's more! You might even score free insulation alongside your brand new boiler installation. Double the savings, double the warmth!

Ready to ditch the draft and embrace the grant?

Enter your postcode here to see if you qualify for a free boiler installation in 2023. At Thames Valley Insulation, we will guide you through the fastest application process, making it as easy as pie. Remember, it's completely free! 

What’s in it for You?

  • A new A+ boiler could save you between 20% and 30% on your fuel costs. That's a significant chunk of change, especially with the current energy price hike. 
  • No more shivering in your own home! A new boiler means consistent warmth and comfort, even on the coldest winter days.
  • You'll be contributing to a greener future by reducing your carbon footprint. Every little bit helps!


So, what are you waiting for? Don't let this golden opportunity slip away. Take control of your comfort and your energy bills. Get a free boiler today!

Remember, a new A+ boiler can slash your fuel costs by 20-30%. That's like finding a £20 bill under your pillow every month! Don't miss out on this chance to save big and live comfortably.