Make your bedroom look royal in DLF Garden City Floors

A bedroom is the key place in your home where you stay like a king and it gives you all the comforts of the world. Everyone loves bigger lavish rooms to make all the luxury available to them. The bedrooms in DLF Garden City Floors are bigger and well-ventilated to make you realize all the luxuries of the world.

The residential township, DLF Garden City Floors offers you a luxurious life with low-density and world-class amenities. The residents of the township enjoy a modern lifestyle which they can easily nurture with a fitness regime and the dedicated spaces to get rejuvenated. The builder floors in DLF Garden City Floors have spacious apartments with a master bedroom attached to a wide balcony. It has a spacious bathroom and a dressing to get ready in your personal space.

In addition to the features and facilities offered by the developer, you can design it according to your taste and choices. The interiors of your bedroom can give it a royal look while making you feel like a king in your palace. Let’s have a look at the ideas to transform your bedroom into a royal palace.

  • Contrast Is the Key 

Colors attract the first attention of the people and give them a feeling. Your bedroom is your personal space and you can use the colors of your choice. You can make it more attractive by using different colours on different walls. You can also create a contrast of pastel and bright colors. Pastel colors add brightness to the space and make the room look bigger.  You can adorn the walls of your bedroom in DLF Garden City Floors with the colours of your choice but you should avoid overpowering colours.  

  • Play With Lighting

Lighting in the room is the most important thing and you must give it special attention. You can adorn your bedroom with modern lighting fixtures like wall lights, pendant lights, LED ceiling lights, etc. You can also use technology to install lights that change with your mood. The lights can also be controlled by finger touch or the voice command. Houses in DLF Garden City Floors are futuristic homes so you can add any type of technology you like in your bedroom. You won’t have to get out of bed after reading the book, you can switch off the lights with voice commands.   

  • Get Rid of The Clutter

Cluttering your bedroom invites negative energy and you must get rid of the clutter. Arrange the mess in your room and throw away all the objects that you are not using anymore. you can use multi-purpose furniture to create more space in your room. Get rid of the extra cushions that you don’t use and the bean bag that you have kept in a corner for a long. Instead of the beanbag, you can keep a good-looking couch complementing the colours of the room because the houses in DLF Garden City Floors have large rooms.

  • Create A Beautiful Focal Point

A focal point is the place that attracts everyone’s attention at first sight. Bring a beautiful king-size bed for your room. Beds are available in a multitude of types and designs; you can choose one among the classical and trending beds. Select a theme for your bedroom and bring a bed according to it. Place your large beautiful picture on the wall behind the bed. The first thing to do while planning the interiors of the bedroom is to select your pictures to a personal touch to your bedroom.

  • Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Using multi-purpose furniture, you can do more with less. You can bring the whole world into your bedroom if you want. The most common thing in the multi-purpose furniture for the bedroom is the bed with the storage. You can also pick the side tables with storage and keep your book beside your pillow which you read every day.  


Make your bedroom full of all the comfort and luxury. Using these tips, you can make it the most attractive in this world for you. The bedrooms in DLF Garden City Floors are spacious and well-designed to be turned into the theme of your choice.