Luxurious dining room decorating ideas in DLF Floors Phase 1

Your abode in DLF Floors Phase 1 reflects your aura and style. The interiors speak of your passion for decorating and organizing your home as the best in the town. The spacious layout in DLF Floors Phase 1 has dedicated wide spaces for dining and drawing. Whenever, you think about doing the interiors of the home, everyone thinks about the drawing room, and the dining spaces are overlooked most of the time. 

The guests in your home are impressed with the interiors of the seating spaces and have to change their minds when they proceed toward the dining space. Moreover, you should keep the dining space the most beautiful because it is the place where the whole family spends time together. When your dining space is cozy and beautiful, you spend more time with each other in the family and this strengthens the bond. You can use these ideas in your home in DLF Floors Phase 1 to make your dining space the most elegant and comfortable. 

  • Experiment with Pastel Shades

You can experiment with pastel shades to decorate the dining space in your home in DLF Floors Phase 1. Use different colours for each wall and the pastel shades help to maintain the elegance and sophistication of the space. Light shades make the place look brighter and give a royal expensive look to your home. Most of the royal spaces are colored in pastels or you can make the combination of two light and bright colours.  

  • Ravishing Chandelier

You can add ravishing chandeliers or modern lighting on the ceilings above your dining table. The fixtures not only create an ambiance with the lights but also add grandeur to the space. The houses in DLF Floors Phase 1 come with modern lighting that can be controlled with finger touch and voice command. The lights also change according to the mood. So, a chandelier will make your dining space look royal.  

  • Minimalist Furniture

Many times, less is more, so you should also go with the idea of minimalist furniture. A place full of objects looks cluttered instead of looking beautiful. You must make sure to use minimum furniture and leave most of the space empty. You can use multi-purpose furniture to save space if you need it. The apartments in DLF Floors Phase 1 have enough space to organize the majority of the useful things. You never have to compromise with the space in DLF Floors Phase 1.

  • Exquisite Table Mats

Add exquisite table mats that reflect the fine dining experience. Table mats not only give a sophisticated look but also protect the table surface. It brings the element of class and complements the décor of your home. You can create an amazing dining space in your home in DLF Floors Phase 1.

  • Add Sophistication with Monochrome Pictures

You can complement the pastel colors on the walls with monochrome pictures. The pictures that speak of the art instead of the story are in trend. You can make your home in DLF Floors Phase 1 more exquisite with monochrome pictures.

  • Place graceful Area Rugs

Place graceful area rugs in the place below your dining table. The rugs give your dining space a warmer and richer look. You should pick high-end rugs with colors that complement the interiors of the space. The dining space in DLF Floors Phase 1 has Italian marble flooring and the rugs add to the expensive flooring while saving you from cold in the winter season. You can comfortably place your feet on the floor in winter because the rugs save you.

  • Glamourous Flowers 

The last but the most common and imperative idea is to decorate it with flowers. Flowers add colors and life to the place. Placing real flowers on the dining table makes you feel overwhelmed and the space becomes full of life because the fragrance of the flowers combines with the aroma of food. All this creates an amazing experience that you can live every day in your home in DLF Floors Phase 1. So, try to keep the real flowers if it is possible for you to change the flowers every day.


Never take the dining space for granted because it is the place where you spend time with your family. Use these ideas to deck up the dining space in your home in DLF Floors Phase 1 and give your abode a royal look.