The Sonalika 60 tractor has a powerful engine that lets it run continuously for extended periods. With a range of 60 HP, it outperforms other models in the same class. On the field, the 2WD tractor type with a 2125 MM wheelbase offers the best stability and support. With a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, the Sonalika DI 60 is one of its most notable qualities. In India, the Sonalika 60 ex-showroom is priced between Rs. 7.73 Lakh* and Rs. 8.53 Lakh*. This makes it extremely useful for cargo transportation on highways and building sites, in addition to farming. Because of the 4-cylinder engine's ability to provide enough friction, this adaptable tractor can be utilized for various applications. With its chic and distinctive look, the Sonalika DI 60 is a standout in terms of design. Its fashionable decal style and headlamps give any farm an air of sophistication. Heavy-duty metal was used in the construction of the tractor's rugged body, guaranteeing a lifetime.