The Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse is the best tractor available, boasting 45 horsepower and a ton of features. It has specialized diesel-saving technology that not only saves fuel but also generates extra power. The Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse would cost between Rs 7.30 lakh* and Rs 7.50 lakh* in India in 2024. The tractor has new features that allow for more operating flexibility. It is suitable for hauling activities and ensures higher productivity and speed because to its 1600 kg Sensi 1 lift. At 2200 RPM and 2490 cc of displacement, the 3-cylinder engine can run smoothly and continuously for extended periods of time. Large tools like rotavators, trolleys, and ploughs can also be handled with it. Known for its ability to accomplish heavy-duty tasks, the Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse boasts big tires that offer a smooth and comfortable ride for hauling and commercial applications. A desirable alternative in the market is the Powertrac 439 Plus Powerhouse, which is reasonably priced in India.