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A company wants to share forensic accounting data is stored in an Amazon RDS DB instance with an external auditor. The Auditor has its own AWS account and requires its own copy of the database.
How should the company securely share the database with the auditor?

  • A. Copy a snapshot of the database to Amazon S3 and assign an IAM role to the auditor to grant access to the object in that bucket.
  • B. Export the database contents to text files, store the files in Amazon S3, and create a new IAM user for the auditor with access to that bucket.
  • C. Create a read replica of the database and configure IAM standard database authentication to grant the auditor access.
  • D. Make an encrypted snapshot of the database, share the snapshot, and allow access to the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) encryption key.

Answer: D


A company is migrating a three-tier application to AWS. The application requires a MySQL database. In the past, the application users reported poor application performance when creating new entries. These performance issues were caused by users generating different real-time reports from the application duringworking hours.
Which solution will improve the performance of the application when it is moved to AWS?

  • A. Create the database on a compute optimized Amazon EC2 instance. Ensure compute resources exceed the on-premises database.
  • B. Import the data into an Amazon DynamoDB table with provisioned capacity. Refactor the application to use DynamoDB for reports.
  • C. Create an Amazon Aurora MySQL Multi-AZ DB cluster. Configure the application to use the backup instance of the cluster as an endpoint for the reports.
  • D. Create an Amazon Aurora MySQL Multi-AZ DB cluster with multiple read replicas. Configure the application reader endpoint for reports.

Answer: C

Amazon RDS Read Replicas Now Support Multi-AZ Deployments
Starting today, Amazon RDS Read Replicas for MySQL and MariaDB now support Multi-AZ deployments.
Combining Read Replicas with Multi-AZ enables you to build a resilient disaster recovery strategy and simplify your database engine upgrade process.
Amazon RDS Read Replicas enable you to create one or more read-only copies of your database instance within the same AWS Region or in a different AWS Region. Updates made to the source database are then asynchronously copied to your Read Replicas. In addition to providing scalability for read-heavy workloads, Read Replicas can be promoted to become a standalone database instance when needed.
Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments provide enhanced availability for database instances within a single AWS Region. With Multi-AZ, your data is synchronously replicated to a standby in a different Availability Zone (AZ). In the event of an infrastructure failure, Amazon RDS performs an automatic failover to the standby, minimizing disruption to your applications.
You can now use Read Replicas with Multi-AZ as part of a disaster recovery (DR) strategy for your production databases. A well-designed and tested DR plan is critical for maintaining business continuity after a disaster. A Read Replica in a different region than the source database can be used as a standby database and promoted to become the new production database in case of a regional disruption.
You can also combine Read Replicas with Multi-AZ for your database engine upgrade process. You can create a Read Replica of your production database instance and upgrade it to a new database engine version. When the upgrade is complete, you can stop applications, promote the Read Replica to a standalone database instance, and switch over your applications. Since the database instance is already a Multi-AZ deployment, no additional steps are needed.
Overview of Amazon RDS Read Replicas
Deploying one or more read replicas for a given source DB instance might make sense in a variety of scenarios, including the following:
Scaling beyond the compute or I/O capacity of a single DB instance for read-heavy database workloads. You can direct this excess read traffic to one or more read replicas.
Serving read traffic while the source DB instance is unavailable. In some cases, your source DB instance might not be able to take I/O requests, for example due to I/O suspension for backups or scheduled maintenance. In these cases, you can direct read traffic to your read replicas. For this use case, keep in mind that the data on the read replica might be "stale" because the source DB instance is unavailable.
Business reporting or data warehousing scenarios where you might want business reporting queries to run against a read replica, rather than your primary, production DB instance.
Implementing disaster recovery. You can promote a read replica to a standalone instance as a disaster recovery solution if the source DB instance fails.


A Solutions Architect is building a new feature using a Lambda to create metadata when a user uploads a picture to Amazon S3. All metadata must be indexed.
Which AWS service should the Architect use to store this metadata?

  • A. Amazon Kinesis
  • B. Amazon DynamoDB
  • C. Amazon S3
  • D. Amazon EFC

Answer: B




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