Offering an excellent array of features and specs, the Eicher 480 Super DI is a tractor that stands out in the 45 HP category. Designed to satisfy the demands of Indian farmers, this tractor breaks industry records. The Eicher 480 Super DI's pricing range is among its most alluring features. This tractor is a value-for-money product that farmers from various economic backgrounds can purchase, with prices ranging from Rs. 6.00 to Rs. 6.55 Lakh*. The tractor manufacturers have established pricing that reflects the value of this equipment and the purchasing power of the Indian market. A strong and well-liked option among farmers, the Eicher 480 Super DI is equipped with several amenities in addition to a reasonable price. The tractor has a 45 HP engine that delivers outstanding field performance. It is among the most fashionable tractors available in India thanks to its strong construction and appealing look. The Eicher 480 Super DI prioritizes safety and control as well. It has two steering and brake systems that provide the driver with the best possible control. Farmers may rest easy knowing that the tractor is covered by a 2-year warranty as well.