Do DIY oil changes really save money? While doing it yourself does cut the costs of shop labour, it still comes at a price, and sometimes that price adds up to more than the shop fee!

Given the choice between paying extra to do it yourself or paying less to have a certified professional handle your oil change, choose Eccles Auto, and you could save time, money, and major part replacements.

But how does it pay to go pro? Read on—today’s post highlights 4 ways booking a professional oil change service can cost less than a DIY attempt.

4 Reasons To Go Pro With Eccles Auto

  1. Go profor guaranteed results. Without the benefit of training or experience, amateur oil changes frequently end in disaster.

Some common (and costly) beginner mistakes include failing to track mileage after your oil change, using the wrong oil type, improper filter installation, over or under-filling your oil, forgetting to change the O-ring, and more. Each of these oversights exposes your vehicle to serious risk of performance drops and component failures, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and part replacements.

Fortunately, you can guarantee a job-well-done by booking an oil change at Eccles Auto, where all parts and labour are covered for 1 year or 20,000km of driving—about four times the amount of time recommended between most oil change service intervals!

  1. Go proto save time and reduce opportunity costs. Unless you’re a real gearhead or auto repair hobbyist, you will need to teach yourself how to change your oil. This takes time you could spend growing your business or doing something you love. You will also have to make time to drop your used motor oil off at one of Dundas’ Community Recycling Centres, or else you could be forced to pay a fine.

When you work with Eccles, no such opportunity costs or time commitments are required. Drop your vehicle off and use our courtesy shuttle to get on with your day or sit and relax in our waiting room while we take care of your vehicle. Either way, we guarantee speedy service, and we will take care of your oil disposal, too.

  1. Go proto eliminate equipment costs. If you have never changed your oil before, you will likely be paying more in start-up costs than you would for a professional oil change. Not only will you need to purchase oil (and the onus is on you to choose the right grade), but you will also need an oil filter, an oil filter removal wrench, funnel, drain pan, gloves, and possibly a floor jack and safety stands, depending on what you drive.
  2. Go proto increase the odds of early detection. The sooner you spot component wear, performance drop-offs, and signs of maintenance neglect, the more you’ll save on major repairs and part replacements. When you roll into our shop for a professional oil change, you are not only guaranteed a great service—you also get the benefit of our technicians’ experienced eyes on your vehicle. We include a quick multi-point inspection with every oil change, so your odds of detecting problems early greatly increase.

Book An Oil Change: Go Pro With Eccles Auto Service

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