"What happened when they arrived?" Another old man interrupted to ask. Ai Shibo, as soon as they arrived, they pounced on the west gate of Yicheng. The disciple wanted to see what was going on, so he followed them. But because the flying skill was not as good as theirs, when they arrived, they would be silent! They have done their best to besiege a girl with dishevelled hair! Ai Shibo seemed to be very impatient. "Is that Jade Girl V?" He asked. Hu Ping opened his bloodshot double voice: "Yes!"! Jade Girl V was not crazy. She called for revenge while fighting. The disciples were shocked. At that time, they didn't know who she was going to avenge. Later, they knew that she was going to avenge Wen Qingguang! As soon as I heard the three words "Wen Qingguang", I had no reason to tremble with emotion! The former Taoist turned his head and said, "Elder Martial Brother Hu Ping just said that there are twelve goldfish swords."? I've never heard that name before. Do you know what it is? "Uncle Zhang," said Hu Ping solemnly, "that's really a mysterious weapon!"! Jade Girl V could have defeated the Four Heavenly Kings in the palm of her hand, but she seemed to be impatient for a long time, shaking her hands and suddenly appearing twelve golden lights, and each golden light was connected by a line. At the moment when the golden light rose, who knew that the Four Heavenly Kings seemed to know that the golden light was so fierce that they trembled in unison and ran desperately to the four places without looking at each other! "The Fifth Jade Girl snorted coldly and said," Leave something behind! ' " She spoke in a loud voice, followed by four golden lights flying in, its speed is indescribable! Suddenly I heard a scream from each of the four heavenly kings! At that time, the disciple did not know why he was so frightened that he hid in a gap in the tree. When he saw the Jade Girl V making a move, the four golden lights flew back! At this time, the disciple did not even dare to hiss. But I was lucky enough to see the origin of the golden light. "Uncles," said Hu Pingtu in a tight tone, "it turns out that those golden lights are all goldfish three inches long. They look much better than living ones!"! "The jade girl V will take back the golden homeopathy, simply can not see how to do, the competition into a chain of phase chain!"! "After Jade Girl V took the string of goldfish back into her pocket, she sneered at my hiding place and said," Damn it, if you are a spy of the Wudang Sect, then go back and inform them.. " When he said this, he looked around at Uncle Shi, as if he had something to say. "Go on,shuttle rack system, Hu Ping," said Uncle Ai in a deep voice. "Disciples dare not!" "Say!" Hu Ping suddenly felt a shock in his ears and said in a trembling voice, "Please forgive my disciple for dying. She told us Wudang people to stretch their necks and be punished!" "Hum, the Four Heavenly Kings are really stupid. They ran away without a fight. How can they be heroes? They really lost the face of the Jade Palace." Ai Shibo said heroically. Liu Shibo's face changed several times. He said thoughtfully, "Younger Martial Brother Ai, don't underestimate the enemy. The Four Heavenly Kings are well-known in Wulin. In terms of skill, we are not his enemy. There must be a reason for running away without a fight today.". By the way, Hu Ping, what did you find afterwards? "Shibo Liu," said Hu with lingering fear, "no one can believe what you say. The disciple looked at the scene with trepidation. Hey.. More than thirty Zhangs in four directions! Leave one left arm in each place! "Scare.." There were several sounds of horror in succession! Hu Ping peeked at all the teachers and uncles, and all of them were pale. Everyone's eyes seem to be the jumping and flying of the twelve goldfish in the magic mountain. Jump faster and faster, fly closer and closer, and endlessly drill 2 "squeaks" into the body. 'Suddenly- 'a strange cry! "Brush, brush!" I was so frightened that the hearts of the thirty-six magic swords were broken! A burst of chickens flying and dogs jumping scattered to the four alien stars. Ping-pong, ping-pong, each pulling out a long sword, warehouse storage racks ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, 72 eyes staring as big as a copper bell! After that, no one found any trace of the enemy! On the contrary, Hu Ping, as a disciple, was not too frightened! It can also be said that his courage has long been gone, in the strange cry, he saw a thing, but because of the teacher's uncle nervous, it is when the clouds cry broken. At this moment, he sees 36 elder all to all round alert, remind namely: "Not Be an enemy, a moment ago that sound is a cat catches a mouse." When he saw that the uncles all seemed to be in disbelief, he pointed to the stone steps on the left and said, "Well!"! The mouse is not dead yet. ” "Brush!" Thirty-six Excalibur immediately blushed. After a long time of shame, they gathered together again, but no one said a word. There are few boats at the ferry, and there are no pedestrians on the road. This phenomenon seems to have been shocked by the mobilization of Wudang. The evening breeze brings the feeling of autumn, the frost haze is desolate, and the four fields quietly present the wish to swell. Zhangjiawan ferry side, I do not know when close to a small class, no oars in front, no rudder behind, the bow of the front cabin board, quietly sitting on a vague shadow! The shadow stood up slowly, raised his hand to push aside the cloud mane, looked around, and went up to the dock like a ghost. Suddenly, he exclaimed, "Jade Girl V!" This is Hu Ping's voice. Hearing the sound, the Thirty-six Excalibur of Wudang shook, and Qi turned around! Liu Laodao shouted, "Tianzheng is in place." Thirty-six people brushed away! The shadow did not move, standing several feet away, and the two sides were deadlocked. As time went by, the shadow began to move. It was a walk, and there was no sign of a fight. Suddenly, the shadow suddenly turned around and looked up at the stars in the night sky as if intentionally. It seemed to say to itself: "The incarnation of the universe is hundreds of billions, and the goldfish are chasing the enemy." After reading two unfathomable sentences, she took back the sunlight and looked at the thirty-six swordsmen of Wudang. "I heard that your six-six-day formation is one of the two major mountain formations of Wudang, isn't it?" She said. Liu Laodao was the head of the thirty-six people, and he was in charge of the battle array. When he heard this, he said in a deep voice, "I know the depth." Why ask again, you are the fifth generation of the floating and sinking island? "That's my first'primordial spirit ', and she's going." Liu Laodao interrupted, "I never like to joke. Who are you?" "Gege!"! This is strange, do Taoist's fastidious is to burn all the mercury, pray for God to catch ghosts', how is it a joke? Huang Ting three volumes, the most important'yuan Ying concise ',' Daytime soaring ', do you dare to deny the holy righteousness of Taoism? Liu Laodao had nothing to say but to watch out for her surprise attack. The shadow looked up at the starry sky again,warehouse pallet racks, and then retreated without a trace. Old Ai frowned and said, "Elder Martial Brother, she's acting suspiciously. There must be something wrong with her." 。 jracking.com