After many attempts, a new insecticide has been developed, mainly using the root tuber of a Celastraceae plant, and adding some auxiliary materials, which has excellent insecticidal effect, can basically kill all the field pests seen now, and other materials added also reduce the toxicity of insecticides to human beings. The possibility of poisoning is very low. The most important thing is that this new type of insecticide is different from insecticide water. The toxicity of the latter is to disturb the normal physiology of insect nerves, causing them to die from excitement, spasm to paralysis. The amount that can kill insects is relatively safe for human beings. Therefore, mosquito-repellent incense made of pyrethrum is basically harmless as long as it is not used in large quantities for a long time. And this new insecticide is very harmful to the human body. Its main raw materials can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, after absorption, it will cause considerable damage to the central nervous system (including the thalamus, midbrain, medulla oblongata, cerebellum and spinal cord). It is easy to cause bleeding and necrosis of the liver and heart. Although the toxicity is greatly reduced after blending with several other herbs, if it is eaten directly, It can still cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, if left alone, the risk of death is very high. So the slave who was responsible for boiling the insecticide water last year not only had to boil the insecticide water this year,Automated warehouse systems, but also had to make new insecticides. At the same time, he was responsible for taking care of their work, and the steward who sold the insecticides to the outside world also had one more person to tell the serfs who came to buy the liquid medicine how long the crops sprayed with insecticides could not be eaten, and it was better not to touch them directly, so as to avoid being poisoned carelessly. Worried that the people don't pay enough attention to this, WeiWei also specially issued a notice to emphasize this matter, and let the little teachers go to class to warn those students again and again,metal racking systems, because the young children are the most naughty, hungry time secretly go to the field to find something to eat is not without, and the new pesticide although basically harmless to adults, the threat to children is still very high, so if It's really easy to have an accident. At the beginning, the people who used the new insecticide felt that the Lord's wife was making a fuss. Last year, when they used the insecticide water, they did not have so many requirements. It was just that the crops sprayed with the insecticide water could not be eaten for a period of time. If they wanted to eat it, they had to wash it clean. Now it has become that they should not touch it. And last year, some people did not listen to the instructions to spray insecticide water on the vegetables in the field, and they picked and washed the food on the same day. Didn't anything happen? However, this kind of indifference was soon hit in the face. In order to prevent people from eating the new insecticide by mistake, Wei Wei specially increased the smell of the plant itself. The color of the insecticide is a turbid yellow-brown liquid with a strong and pungent smell. After using it, the field will also have such a smell. This smell also has a certain effect of repelling insects. When the smell dissipates, the toxicity attached to the crops will disappear. As long as you clean it well before you enter it, push back racking system ,pallet rack shelving, you won't be poisoned. It is reasonable to say that in the case of crops with such a bad smell, people who do not have nose problems should not want to eat them. It happened that some people not only ate it, but also did not even wash it. They ate a lot of raw food directly. The result was that not long after they finished eating, they rolled on the ground with their stomachs in their arms and cried out in pain, which frightened the people in the same village. It was also because of his good luck that he was discovered early. When people in the same village asked him that he had become like this because he had eaten the vegetables sprayed in the insecticide, they hurriedly tied up the leg of mutton and bled it for him according to the interpretation method that the steward had said before, and then saved the man. But the person to save is to save back, the suffering will not be immediately good, if not Wei Wei heard the news specially let people send the deployment of the antidote (actually laxative) to come over, and exceptionally opened the recovery of the soup, this person is afraid not to die also lost half a life. Also because of such a thing, other people no longer dare to underestimate the power of the new insecticide, if not this insecticide is really bad for insects, and according to the countess's request to pick seven days later, after careful cleaning before eating, no one really ate the problem, they would not dare to use. But people have also become aware of the children at home, forbidding them to go near the farmland and vegetable fields during the spraying period to prevent further accidents. After making sure that they all listened, Wei Wei asked the steward in charge of selling pesticides to give regular instructions to control the excessive use of pesticides by the people, while she put her energy into other places. June is the winter wheat harvest season, May when the wheat began to fill, this time to pay attention to the supplementary application of nitrogen fertilizer, irrigation filling water and pest control, serfs have last year's experience, but know how to apply fertilizer and water, but the specific amount and usage of fertilizer and water they can not grasp, can only wait for Wei Wei to see the wheat field before making a decision. And the wheat in different fields grows at different rates, which makes Wei Wei have to spend all her time in those fields, leaving early and returning late every day, busier than Felix. In this season, the sun is already a little poisonous. Wei Wei, who runs out every day and has to wear a headscarf, feels hot and worries about tanning her face. She simply finds someone to make a round straw hat with a wide brim for herself. The hat is decorated with a beautiful bow tied with lace ribbon, which not only has a good sunshade effect, but also looks good. When she wore the hat around the territory, there was a straw hat wind in Sardinson County. If the hat is made of other cloth, the people may be reluctant to make it, but the straw hat is different, the material is grass, whether it is water grass, wheat straw or other grass can be woven, these things are not everywhere? As for the difficulty of making, the people are more or less good at weaving. In the past, they used to weave baskets and other containers, but now they think about it. It's not too difficult to weave a straw hat. Otherwise, they can consult the craftsman who made the straw hat for the countess and find a chance to steal it. As for really will not do,heavy duty rack manufacturers, wait for others to learn, put on a little thing to change a top to come back to decorate oneself again, not also OK.