Rebuilding and restoring a patient's teeth in both their upper and lower jaws is known as "full mouth reconstruction." For individuals whose oral health has been seriously damaged by prior treatment, this could be a life-changing procedure and may even be required in certain situations.


It can also be referred to as a full-mouth restoration or restoration, whether reading up on the therapy or talking with a dentist clinic nearby about it.


How To Rebuild Your Entire Mouth

Patients should schedule a talk with their dentist as soon as possible if they need a significant full mouth reconstruction. The patient and the dentist will review the primary concerns and intended course of treatment during the first consultation.


In biological dentistry, it is well known that the mouth comprises more than just teeth. To create a plan for a full-mouth reconstruction specifically tailored to you, your dentist must thoroughly understand your mouth.



It includes

Creating Records

The dentist will record the oral cavity with X-ray scans, photos, and impressions of the patient's teeth in addition to the visual examination. These documents will remain in the patient's medical file. X-rays and intraoral images of the oral cavity can help visualize the parts of the mouth that are not visible to the unaided eye.


Creating An Improved Mouth Through Replicas

The dentist will use this procedure phase to produce a computerized design showing the teeth' current position and expected location when the treatment is finished. The dentist can create a three-dimensional model of a potential prosthetic or restorative dentistry solution using digital scanning technology.


This test must be carried out so that patients can offer insightful criticism on the replicas, which will be utilized to alter the final restorations.


Creating A Customized Therapy Program

Using the patient's visual assessment, records, and model teeth, the dentist will explain the best combination of dental operations and treatments to help the patient achieve excellent Oral health and a complete set of flawless teeth.


  • Taking out damaged and diseased teeth
  • Root canal treatment
  • putting in dentures supported by implants
  • therapy for TMJ
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Surgery to straighten the jaw
  • putting in implants, veneers, or crowns for teeth
  • surgery to straighten the jaw


A full mouth reconstruction takes place in phases and necessitates multiple office visits. Similarly, following specific medical procedures—like the placement of dental implants—healing time is required before the final restoration is positioned. During the complete mouth reconstruction process, the dentist and a dental laboratory will likely work together to create dental restorations. You must visit Full Mouth Restoration near me for more information about the restoration treatment.


Does the procedure hurt?

Modern technologies and anaesthetics ensure you won't feel any pain during the procedures. Before starting any process, your dentist will ensure you are wholly unconscious and comfortable. You won't experience any pain but might feel pressure or tugging during some procedures.



For what duration will it last?

How nicely you take maintenance of your new smile will resolve this. Your complete smile restoration should last a lifetime if you take excellent care with routine exams and dental hygiene.


Even though they might seem scary initially, full smile restorations are an excellent tool in contemporary dentistry. They assist many patients in overcoming the agony of ongoing dental problems, regaining the ability to use their mouths, and giving them a smile they can adore again. Affordable same day dentist provides advantages over additional tooth alternate solutions, such as bridges or dentures.


To Put in the brief

Procedures for tooth restoration might be carried out for medical or aesthetic purposes. You should investigate a few different varieties depending on your dental needs.


If you'd like, tooth repair can make your smile more uniform. Additionally, it can return every tooth to its original state, facilitating speaking and chewing. Sunny Dental Care is a fit, happy, obedient, understanding work condition, and stable growing procedure.