You should pick an eye shadow shade that accurately represents your eye color and goes well with your skin tone. Warm skin tones might benefit from using eye shadow in shades like green, brown, gold, or pink. Choose eye shadow in blue, silver, pink, or peachy tones for chilly skin. You should pick the right eye shadow palette. Here mentioned are the skin tone types, texture, and tints: 

Skin Tone Types: 

  • Medium skin tones: People with medium skin tones have a wide range of alternatives. Finding the ideal color scheme is simple because most hues look good on you regardless of your undertone's coolness or warmth. Feel free to experiment with dark colors or metallic shadows. In addition, both undertones are complemented with rose gold and bronze tones. Eye shadow palette prices  may vary according to their size.  
  • Dark skin tone: A dramatic impression can be achieved for your night out look by adding a rich eye shadow color to your makeup, such as a bold purple, a bright blue, or a glitter eye shadow color. Rich colors of burgundy or warm metallic gold are excellent daytime eye shadow options for people with dark skin. It is advised to avoid anything ashy or pale, as well as hues like blue, pink, and green that could dull your eye area's appearance. 


  • Matte: Mattes are excellent for sculpting and structuring eyelids because they typically include a high quantity of pigment. Mattes are perfect for contouring and defining because they don't reflect light due to their flat finish. Use them dry for a more shaded, understated result, and wet for a more dramatic effect. 
  • Satin: Forever52 eye shadow palette provides a texture in various forms. This sits in the middle of dazzling shimmers and chalky mattes. Both newcomers and experts can enjoy the semi-matte texture.  
  • Glitter: Most famous looks use this texture to increase the glam factor and provide a striking eye look. Forever52 eye shadow comes from real glitter. Water acts as an adhesive to keep the particles from flaking. However, take note that it does a sag and settle into creases. 


  • Cool: Cool blues, purples, and pink look best on cooler skin tones. Fuchsia, hot pink, and the red family are excellent accents. Metallics like white gold and sparkling silver will give a stunning look to your eye.  
  • Neutral: The most excellent aspect is that you can have chameleon and never worry about seeming out of place. You now know how to go from daytime neutrals to date-night glitz the next time you want to. 

Bottom line: 

Even while eye makeup kits come in various hues, not all will work well with every type of skin tone and eye color. Making eye illusions that make your eyes sparkle and your complexion glow requires selecting eye shadow shades that complement your skin tone. Forever52 provides eye shadow in various sizes and colors. They are the best option if you are planning to buy eye shadow.