Welcome to ASINSIGHT – the game-changing tool designed exclusively for Amazon sellers. With a suite of robust features, ASINSIGHT empowers sellers with in-depth insights into keyword trends, competitor strategies. Let's dive into the benefits this tool offers for Amazon sellers looking to skyrocket their product's success.

Hourly Keyword Tracking - Real-Time Insights!

ASINSIGHT boasts hourly keyword tracking for the top 100,000 keywords in the US site and top 50,000 keywords in the UK and German sites. Forget waiting – gain access to real-time keyword ranking changes, enabling you to track your ASIN rankings instantly, without limitations.

Spy on Rival PPC Strategies - Unlock Dominant Keyword Insights!

Discover and analyze competitor keywords across various ad types effortlessly. ASINSIGHT's powerful data unveils traffic distribution, aiding in identifying valuable keywords. Gain a competitive edge by swiftly understanding your competitors' PPC strategies.

Effortlessly Discover High-Value Keywords

Access essential keyword data including search volume, ranking, and traffic share. Uncover top 10 organic ASINs for specific keywords, simplifying the process of pinpointing relevant and high-value keywords for your products.

Exclusive Features for Comprehensive Analysis:

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Obtain comprehensive keyword ranking data effortlessly.
  • Parent Variation Analysis: Analyze all variations of an ASIN effortlessly in one click.
  • Traffic Diagnosis: Pinpoint traffic fluctuations' sources for better understanding.
  • Traffic and Ad Insight: Gain insights into ASIN traffic structures and advertising strategies.
  • Weekly Traffic Reports: Monitor weekly operational performance easily.
  • Ad Spot Dominators & Rotation Tracker: Identify top advertising performers and track ad strategies seamlessly.
  • Organic Rotation Tracker: Keep track of organic ranking changes for timely adjustments.

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ASINSIGHT isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to real-time tracking and competitive analysis. Elevate your Amazon selling game by harnessing the power of ASINSIGHT's comprehensive suite of features. Sign up today and uncover the secrets to Amazon's success!