We asked some of the best design minds of today.

Here’s what they had to say about Everything.

YUJ Designs has always been known as the design evangelist. With bold initiatives such as Design Khopcha, YUJ has always invited the design minds to come together and share ideas. Currently remote UX, diverse virtual teams has become the new norm, the pandemic is accelerating change by decades. As terrible as the consequences are today, one optimistic thing is that it’s a bandaid ripping off. Those who are keen on transforming their businesses and work by reforming their mindsets and reshaping their skills, will tide out this change.

YUJ’s new initiative in-line with the core trait of being a #DesignEconomist is reflected through a yet another novel initiative. A webinar series that has provided everyone an opportunity to listen to some of the best minds of the present lay it out as is. Ponder over and predict. Build framework for the future. Here’s your chance to read through the collection of some golden advice given by industry stalwarts on how this pandemic is affecting our eco-system and how we should respond. A collection of wise words that will guide you through these times and enrich your knowledge base to thoroughly understand the Impact of Design.

Sudhindra V, Chief Design Officer, IBM iX, India.

Decoding the Future of Design.

The biggest shift in design is that it has gone virtual. Hunting talented and local UX designers and building teams is not necessary anymore. A design team can be diversely located at the same time be efficient in the way it functions. As much as a co-located team, sometimes even better. With the help of online collaborative tools, it is business as usual. There are certain formats that will need adapting, e.g.- taking online workshops with clients won’t be over in a day. Maybe a distributed structure of 2 hours a day to be accomplished in a week, will be a more suitable and feasible approach.

Unfortunately there are certain business models that will not work in these days. They especially need to look at different ways of revenue generation. Even if we as an industry are not hit that bad, the clients of our clients are vulnerable right now.

A Re-Set button has been pressed on this planet. And we as designers are not going to go back to our older ways of working.

How do we balance the Empathy and the Need for Efficiency is something that Design should address.

Narendra Ghate, Chief Designer, Tata Elxsi.

Going from super-specialty to a holistic outlook.

While quoting his beloved professor Mr. Nadkarni, Narendra mentioned how design profession has become much similar to the medical profession. Where everyone is super-specialized in one aspect of design and nobody has the visibility of the whole problem. We as designers, are looking at the world and problems through our tools.

When a designer is able to understand and solve the problem entirely and not just from his perspective is when the impact of design will become a reality. One should not be afraid of looking at a problem from various perspectives. When you learn design, you learn the ability to build a brand. Whether you use it to write scripts or design interfaces for digital products, all of it is fair game. All of it is design.

The biggest differentiator for designers is going to be knowing how to learn and learning how to grow.

When you have the gumption of trying something new because you can do it makes all the difference.

Another simple, basic and a generic rule for all is to remember you are going to sign the work that you will deliver. You are building your reputation as a designer through your work. Make it something that you will be proud of.

Yonit Shmuelov, UX Product Manager, Amdocs.

Up-skilling is the way forward.

As we move towards the post-COVID era, we will have to start thinking of the wider population now. The user personas are going to change. We need to be curious and skilled enough in order to identify and understand them. The only way we will be able to stay ahead in the game is if we keep up-skilling ourselves constantly.


It is one of the most important things for a designer.

The key is to never stop learning. Never stop asking questions.

Imbibe this in yourself that, every task is a new opportunity to learn something new.

Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs.

Designers of the future will be best equipped by trans-disciplinary knowledge.

The future is going to belong to the people who will build resilience and a success mindset. This will be the success mantra for designers to come out on top in the post-COVID future. Designers will require a lot of sense-making. They will also require to have a wide knowledge about design, technology and related fields.

The designer will need to know more about the client’s business than the client himself.

This is where the real value of business will grow. Till date business has been driving design, now design will have to drive business growth.

Prasadd Bartakke, Co-founder & CXO, YUJ Designs.

Innovation in the Future.

It’s time designers take the lead and establish a reliance, trust in design department to enable business growth. We are the first ones who will realize the changing markets and opportunities that can benefit the businesses. We’ll be the first ones to add strategic value.

In order to achieve these results, we will have to –

  • 1. Build an extremely stronger knowledge base
  • 2. Take your designs to the boardroom and establish confidence in how design is impacting the bottom line of a business

We need what I call, indigenous mindfulness among the designers today. That’s where innovation lies.

Dr. Girish Prabhu, Sr. VP – Innovation and UX, HFI.

Collaborative work will be the Future.

It is going to be different for designers. They need to start contributing more and more in terms of strategic business decisions, policy decisions and even life transformations. Change one person at a time, and hopefully the world will change.


It has always been about designing fast, desirable experiences, with a feeling of ‘we make you happy so you’ll buy more’.

The definition of design will change in the near future, gravitating towards responsible design.

As this is not the first and definitely not the last time, that we’ll be going through such upheaving times. And hopefully learning from these, design will help create a better world.

Like all great crisis, this too shall pass. Though what matters is as designers, as humans – what have we learnt from this? What changes are we going to embrace to better face situations like these? How can we prepare for the future of uncertainty? We need to emerge to be a better, stronger community and build a more sustainable future. We need to help the business community, those who have the vision and courage to make these changes. Let’s reform our efforts with the eminent advice of these experts.

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