The PowerPoint presentation is one of the most popular tools in the business world and it is used as a means to communicate ideas and information. The level of expertise required to produce a professional PowerPoint depends on what a user needs their presentation to be. For example, if someone needs a basic introduction or quick summary on content they have read or seen, they should use an objective slide with no text on it. However, if someone is presenting complex data, they will need more than just some simple slides such as "Introduction." They must include different layers so that viewers can see intricate information while also maintaining ease-of-view. The difficulty will change depending on what type of project the person has in mind for their PowerPoint Graphic Design. Good design is the act of converting raw ideas into real-life items that people can use.

Why Should You Care?

Good design is all around us, we are simply not paying enough attention to it. So many things in our lives benefit from thoughtful and high quality design, yet so few have it. Indeed, in order to produce great design there are a set of guidelines that need be followed precisely and passed on through education.

With these seven simple guidelines you will be well on your way to designing a presentation or slide with excellence! Try them out for yourself!

Here Is The List:

  • Less Is More

More isn't always the best or the most correct; it is not always better. In fact, more often than not "more" is not only unnecessary, but also unhelpful and detrimental to our goals. Remember that the key to success is simplicity. Don't let your slides and their design get out of hand, try to keep them as simple as possible: do you really need a subtitle in this slide? can you remove this image? can we use black text on a white background instead of colored text?

  • Clarity And Concise

A good presentation needs to have an audience-oriented approach in order for it to be successful. The goal of a presentation is to convey thoughts and information from you to the general public. Therefore, the content should be clear and concise so that your audience can understand you without any hassles.

  • Less Text!

A presentation is not a novel. It doesn't need to be crammed with information, nor should it try to imitate a novel by having large blocks of text that nobody is going to read. Remember, the content and images are there because they help you to convey your thoughts and ideas, and as such; you should use them appropriately.

  • Make It Clear!

A presentation must always be clear and simple, therefore you should steer away from making things more complex than they need be.  This is simple: if something can be understood in 2 words instead of 3 then use 2; if something can be understood with one image instead of two then go for the one image.

  • Professionalism

In order to make a good impression on an audience, it is crucial to look professional. A polished appearance with good quality colors and graphics can make a big impact on your audience; it may even help persuade them of your ideas.

  • Use Consistent Layouts

One thing that drives slides and presentation design apart is consistency. Unprofessional presentation layouts can be distracting as well as disorganized. With a consistent layout, you are keeping things professional and organized.

The Key To Success Is Simplicity

The key to success is simplicity. When designing your presentation, it is recommended that you keep things simple and focus on the main ideas and content.

Remember that when designing, the goal of your presentation should be clear communication of information and ideas, so try to avoid complicated elements or designs that may distract from the topic or distract the viewers' attention away from you and your content


These seven guidelines are simple steps to better your presentation design and will help you achieve a more professional, polished and successful result for your next project. Good Luck!

PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentations tools used in the business world today. The application has become a staple tool in marketing and sales presentations with its ability to produce stunning slides and graphics that can capture any audience's attention. With all of these capabilities, it is no surprise that PowerPoint Creative Design has been taken advantage of by users with extremely low design skills or even none at all.