India-based HMT Tractor produces tractors and other agricultural machinery. In 1961, it was founded. Bangalore is home to this Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. division (HMT). There are models in the HMT tractor lineup with 25 to 60 Horsepower. Power steering and ergonomic designs are some of the characteristics. Harvesters, rotavators, and power tillers are just a few of the additional farm equipment that HMT sells. HMT tractors are well-known for their dependability, sturdiness, and affordability. They are sold to nations in Africa and the Middle East and are preferred by farmers in India and other South Asian nations. HMT offers continuous support and maintenance for its products through a vast network of dealers and service centres all throughout India. The business also provides its customers with a variety of leasing and financing options. In India, HMT tractors are frequently utilised for farming and other agricultural tasks. Tractors made by the business are also utilised in other industrial sectors, such construction. The quality and durability of the tractors produced by HMT are unsurpassed.