Is your gaming PC messing up your gaming experience with its slow processing? It’s high time you set your gaming PC for a treatment for this uncanny behavior. Similar to any other PC, you will need to check it both externally and internally and fix the issues wherever required.   

The slow processing issue in your PC may have resulted from not one but the numerous factors including dusty hardware, loosened components, years old system as the external factors and stacked memory, unworthy software and games stored, malware and viruses, and more, as the internal factors. But there’s no reason to panic as all of these factors can be worked upon using simple tricks and techniques.

Discussed below are few ways to deal with the issues in your “gaming PC” holding you away from enjoying your “PC gaming.”


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Cleaning your SSD

The documents stacked up

Whatever profession is your surviving option, your Documents folders are sure shot crammed up with the documents no matter how useful or useless they are. These documents unnecessarily populate your drive space and should be considered to be arranged, removing the futile elements you don’t require any further. Also, Drive is the better option for them to be stored where they may lie undisturbed for years. Or you can use external devices such as a USB drive to store them.

TreeSize to administer the space on your device

Using TreeSize to scan your device space

If your PC is running out of drive space, you can quickly scan and analyze what eats up most of the space on your device using TreeSize. It’s a handy tool available in its free as well as paid versions.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you may be using a SATA drive, NVMe SSD, or a hard drive. With these in use, you incessantly keep on installing more and more games so that you can play them whenever you feel like. To store these games, you need to make sure your device storage has enough space.

You certainly want to get a clear insight of the available space in your drives so as to then manage space for the forthcoming games. With TreeSize opened, you will have the apparent picture of how much of the space has been occupied and how much more is left. All you need to do is right-click on your drives and click to open TreeSize Free from the menu. You will eventually get to know what you are looking for.

Installed games

Steam storefront

You can also ensure getting rid of some of the games you may have installed for days, weeks, months, or even years and have been taking up ample space. How do you get to know about these games? Again, TreeSize is there for your assistance. Use it to get a glance at your folders containing Epic Games, Origin, Steam, Ubisoft games to know how hard your hard drive space has been consumed with the most impactful games available. Of course, some of these games may be the ones you play the most. But those lying intact can be uninstalled and reinstalled when you finally decide to actually play the games.

Images and videos

A game still

When you are a die-hard fan of PC games, you want to completely indulge in the game moments and end up accumulating a lot of images by either downloading or otherwise capturing screenshots. It’s just a matter of a moment, and then you even forget about those images and screenshots. So, it’s better to get over them as soon as possible and delete them for your betterment.

Game videos have a different fan base that keeps on watching out for the critical game moments. Not only this, but some of the enthusiasts like to download and keep the game trailers already available on YouTube. In any case, they are least required and should considerably be deleted. 


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