Wei Duo nods: "You continue to say." Fat elder hum, then Ji thief just appeared to meet with the snow was captured by the Black Mountain tribe began to say, to Ji thief through the test, join the Frost Valley tribe, become the first warrior of the Frost Valley tribe. Is about to go down how to have a conflict with the Montenegro tribe, and how to meet the time of a robbery. Li Ya suddenly interrupted the fat elder's words: "First wait!" " The fat elder blinked at Li Ya. "What's the matter?" "Isn't the thief the head of the Lihuo tribe?" Asked Li Ya? How did you become a warrior of the Frost Valley tribe? Although Wei Duo felt that it was not good for Li Ya to interrupt the fat elder all the time, she also wanted to know this. To this, the fat elder smiled softly: "The patriarch did join the Frost Valley tribe at the beginning. Snow, Hazel, a Niu, Tushan, a Hu, a Ju, Usma, I, and the patriarch now went to see a Liang and a Zhi. At the beginning, they were either members of the Frost Valley tribe or joined the Frost valley tribe.". At that time, the Frost Valley tribe can be said to be the best time. Fat elder said these words, eyes, can not help but have some yearning and nostalgia. Then why did you change your name? "I'll talk to you about this later. I'll talk to you about the robbery first. What did I say just now?" "You said you'd talk to us later." Fat Elder: ".." After a moment of silence,x70 line pipe, the fat elder straightened out his thoughts and went on. From being squeezed by the Black Mountain tribe, Ji Thief led the people to turn the tables and flooded the Black Mountain tribe, until Ji Thief fought with the Qingfeng tribe and won, and finally promoted Ah Jie to the deputy head of the clan that night. In the process, when it comes to the Ji thief flooding the Heishan tribe and the success of revenge, the two sisters can't help but sigh that Ji thief is really able to endure, when they hear that the white fox alliance is behind the stumbling block, the two sisters are very angry. When Song Zan returned,x56 line pipe, he forced Ji Thief to leave, and the old patriarch self-mutilated Ji Thief and buckled a pot of shit on his head, which made the two sisters fly into a rage. The two sisters all clapped their hands when they heard that the thief Ji had entered the eastern plain and founded the Lihuo tribe. I'm not saying that your former patriarch was so confused that he drove the thief away for the sake of a beast like Songzan. Li Ya is not happy. The fat elder pursed his lips. "At that time, no one thought Songzan would be such a brute who killed his father." Moving on, the two sisters were a little nervous when they talked about the crowded Qingfeng tribe. However, the two sisters could not help but feel bitter when they heard that Ji Thief had led his people to withstand the pressure brought by the Qingfeng tribe and almost ended the battle ahead of time, only to be disturbed by the pig teammates of the head of the Lin clan. Finally finished talking about the family history of Ji Thief, the fat elder took two breaths. Li Ya winked: "You said these, I just heard how much a thief attaches importance to a robbery, how hard to cultivate him, but why did he harm a thief ah?"? Didn't you say that Ah Jie was very loyal to the thief? Fat elder nods: "Right, if do not have the word of that woman." That woman? "It's Manglietia," said Weiduo. Fat elder hum: "a Jie at that time is the age of the heart, but because he usually cheap mouth, uns s32750 sheet ,347 stainless steel, not many people like him, we do not want to be close to him.". Manglietia, that is, recognizing that Ajie is a very trusted person of the patriarch, took in Ajie and coaxed Ajie. Although at first the patriarch found out and ordered Manglietia to be executed, Ajie cheated the patriarch for Manglietia. Perhaps, from which time on, a Jie has been dissatisfied with the patriarch, until later a Jie killed the patriarch for Manglietia. But thanks to you, you saved the patriarch, otherwise, alas.. "That's not true," said Li Ya proudly. "I saved the thief twice from the seaside alone." Weiduo pinched her chin and said, "I think Manglietia has been using Ah Jie all the time." Li Ya curled her lips. "Does that go without saying?"? Manglietia is the kind of person who is only for herself and doesn't care about other people's lives. It would be strange if she didn't take advantage of Ah Jie. ” The fat elder sighed, "Maybe I should have reminded the patriarch to be careful of Ah Jie, but at that time, who would have thought that Ah Jie, who performed so well, would do such a thing?" "As you say, everything a Jie learned was taught to him by a thief.". If the thief hadn't taught him this, he would still be an ordinary child. The fat elder blinked and said, "No, Ah Jie is a wise man. Even if you don't teach him, he will learn slowly. Because the patriarch has praised him more than once in front of everyone, and intentionally let him be his deputy." Li Ya glanced at her sister and said, "They are all traitors. I think Ah Jie is much more difficult to deal with than Ah Zhong." Weiduo nodded forcefully, especially after listening to the fat elder tell all about Ji's past, the idea in her heart was even stronger. As far as these experiences of Ji Thief are concerned, it is legendary to pick one out and put it on other people. No wonder the clansmen of the mountains are so respectful to Ji Thief. It is also true that a leader who is good at creating miracles will be respected by everyone anywhere. Ji Thief is a person who is good at creating miracles, and Ah Jie, in addition to temper, any point, are perfect copies of Ji Thief's ability. It is equivalent to saying that a robbery is a low-profile version of the Ji thief, plus the defense of the Lihuo tribe is so strong, Li Ya can't figure out what is the better way to defeat a robbery. Before a Jie was attacked by a blade-toothed tiger and his arm was broken, he was not so cruel. Later, he changed his character. Now he is more and more like Manglietia. Become the kind of person who doesn't care about any means for the sake of the end. Said the fat elder, shaking his head. Vito, Riya: ".." Holding his leg, the fat elder stood up and said, "However, now that the patriarch has come back, how to clean up the robbery? The patriarch must have a way. It is useless for me to think so much." When Li Ya saw that the fat elder was leaving, she opened her mouth and asked, "That fat, fat.." The fat elder looked back and smiled,x56 line pipe, "Just call me Fat Bear." "Oh, fat bear, where are you going?" 。 lksteelpipe.com