This is the power of the Dark Immortal. The remnant soul and the remnant body cooperate with each other, and Li Yu directly drives the remnant body of the immortal emperor to display the magical power of the dark immortal emperor. Compared with drawing the power of the immortal emperor, it drives other magical powers. This kind of dark immortal emperor's own magical power is more suitable for use, and its power is more terrible. "Tikka" As if the ice was frozen, there was a freezing sound in the void. Under this peerless supernatural power, the supreme power of the immortal emperor is terrible and irresistible. The vast void froze in an instant. In the crystal-like light of a piece of colored glaze, the four quasi-immortal emperors were frozen in the void. Although the strength of the body of the immortal emperor is consumed a lot. But it's all over. The four quasi-immortal emperors have been frozen in the void by the eternal prison. Li Yu stretched out his hand and put away the four frozen quasi-immortal emperors. If the disaster is eliminated, Li Yu will have enough time to complete the final transformation. However, the mutation is steep. "Boom" The dazzling black light broke through the void, like the black sun reflecting endless time and space, sweeping the world and shaking time and space. The extreme of darkness gives birth to light, black light. This is the beginning of all darkness and ominousness. This is the beginning of all sin and evil. This is the Dark Immortal. When this black sun manifests, in the endless void, in all realms, the darkness covers the light, and the whole world is shrouded in deep darkness and terror. The vision of Li Yu's promotion, the divine glory of manifestation, was expelled in an instant, squeezing only a faint light of fire. Like a bonfire in the night,pietra gray marble, even if it is weak, it is still firmly and absolutely blooming with light and heat, bringing the only light to the dark world. Dark Immortal Emperor Li Yu frowned tightly. The man's appearance was completely beyond Li Yu's expectation. The half-broken immortal emperor, who had fallen into darkness, was an extremely dead house that had not raised its eyelids for billions of years, and was about to turn into a fossil. Such a guy, unexpectedly will appear. "The metamorphosis is about to be completed,Agate Slabs Countertops, only the last step is needed. Good. It's really great. I'll finish the last step. Your cut is all mine." The dark immortal emperor burst out laughing, just a burst of laughter, instantly shattered the endless time and space, destroyed countless realms. Want my cut, I'm afraid you don't have such a big appetite. Now the most important thing is to delay time, Li Yu did not hesitate to attack, extract the power of the immortal emperor's body, and clap his hands at the dark immortal emperor. Void Exile This is a magical power that drives the enemy into the endless void and makes the enemy lost in nothingness. At a time when we need to buy time, this magical power is most appropriate. Use my power against me. You're naive. The dark immortal emperor sneered, the dark sun shook slightly, and Li Yu's "void exile" fell apart and dissipated in an instant. Of course it's more than that. How could Li Yu not know that "Void Exile" was the power of the Dark Immortal Emperor, and the only reason why he cast this magical power was that "The power of space, I can do it too." A handprint knot, just by the dark immortal emperor shock scattered "void exile" magical power, white marble mosaic ,Marble Granite Price, that immortal emperor level, rich to the extreme power of space, instant riot up. Out-of-order Portal The power of the chaotic void burst into chaos, turning into a chaotic portal, enveloping the black sun in the void. Very thoughtful. Unfortunately, those powers are essentially mine. The black sun burst into black light, and in the twinkling of an eye, the disordered portal burst into nothingness. It's almost time, so I won't play with you. Accept your fate. Everything you have is mine. The black light burst all over the sky, turning into a huge palm of black light condensation, and grabbed Li Yu down. This is the first real action of the Dark Immortal Emperor. The power is too terrible to imagine. When the palm is grasped, the sky collapses and the earth sinks, and everything turns into nothingness. Set "" Li Yu did not hesitate to perform immobilization. Even though it may not be able to trap the Dark Immortal Emperor for a long time, it only takes a little time. At this moment, Li Yu's whole body strength is in the process of promotion and transformation, unable to use. The power of the immortal emperor's body is meaningless to the dark immortal emperor. Li Yu directly decomposed the four quasi-immortal emperors and put all his strength into this "immobilization". Set the flow of time and space, set all things in the world, and return to stillness. Like the scene once seen in Kunpeng's lair, all the powers of the four quasi-immortal emperors burst out in an instant, and the immobilization has fixed the time and space of the chaotic ancient times. However, this still can not stop the dark immortal emperor. "Boom" The huge black sun burst out with endless brilliance, and the dark immortal emperor used all his strength. Give me a break. The overwhelming dark giant palm suddenly hit, shattered the thousand, collapsed the world, and shattered the static time and space. At this moment, time and space are shattered. The void has been broken into pieces of chaos. And time has gone against the tide. This hit, through time and space. Time and space against chaos, the void changes, Li Yu and the dark immortal emperor's figure, unexpectedly appeared in a strange battlefield. Here ShaSheng shook the sky, blood dyed heaven and earth. The mighty bell here shakes through the ages, the vigorous tripod collapses heaven and earth, and the roaring sword light tears the sky apart. Tianzun Li Yu heard a call of shock and surprise behind him. Chapter 707 the intersection of the past and the future. "Ye Fan has no beginning, and there are ruthless people in the Book of Changes." Feeling the breath of this heaven and earth, Li Yu was shocked, "This is the time and space of the future." "Boom" The overwhelming black giant palm is still in the head, the dark immortal emperor has no scruples at all, does not care whether the time is against the chaos, does not hesitate to continue to make a move. Damn Li Yu's heart was seething with anger. Behind the sound of fighting, has shown that this is the next fierce battle in the future. Ye Fan has no beginning to be ruthless, Zhou Yi and others are all struggling to fight. They are all quasi-immortal emperors, but their enemies are also quasi-immortal emperors, and there are more than them. Ye Fan and others were besieged and fought fiercely. Now,Porcelain Marble Slabs, the dark immortal emperor suddenly entered the battlefield, if he conveniently launched an attack on Ye Fan and others, the impact is simply unimaginable.