She walked slowly and went in every few stores. The prince's face was full of impatience. He wanted to break out several times, but he didn't know why he was patient again. Yu Jiu said, "Adi, I've never been here before. It looks strange. It's not easy to come here today. I want to have a good look." She said softly, "Besides, my mother is ill, and her heart must be very upset. If I take these things to see her, she will be in a good mood." Is it really going to be good? Instead of being more angry? The prince sneered. But he was impatient to go, looking at her eyes does not seem to be so cold, from her body to feel a kind of familiarity, they are now in a spice shop, all kinds of finished products and raw materials, so that the shop is fragrant, now the shopkeeper is and the rest of the wine to introduce a fragrance just from the western regions. Girl, this is a kind of wonderful tree in the Western Regions. This spice is its branch. This kind of wonderful tree only grows in one place. It can only grow one inch in a hundred years, but the spice is only more than five hundred years old. Girl, this is more than a thousand years old. This inch is more valuable than gold. It's not a little old man's boast. Girl, you can ask about it.. "Gong, Childe!" One person looked at the prince dumbfounded, as if he could not believe that here to see him, she was dressed as a servant girl in the high door, behind her is also a man and a woman, and they dress like, see them, the man and the woman were stunned, followed by a cry, "Childe." Naturally, they also saw the remaining wine with a curtain hat,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the shop was dark, they did not see the remaining wine for a while, the heart is still wondering, who is this in the end? How could the prince take such a young woman to buy things in the city? They are all smart people, see them with servants, holding things in their arms, all are delicate things, boudoir women like most, and although the prince tried to suppress, but the face of impatience or see,Agate Slabs For Sale, according to their understanding, if he appeared this look, would have lifted the table and left, and now they are still standing there waiting for the woman, their minds are floating. Speaking of, the prince is thirteen years old this year, right? The woman is bright and charming, the man is romantic and handsome, there are some similarities between the eyebrows, no one can imagine that they are not brothers and sisters. The rest of the wine came over leisurely, "cousin, cousin." She stood there on the graceful posture, walk up is Pinting curl, wide sleeves almost down to the ground, as well as the rising smoke, do not look at the appearance is just to see this appearance, is the most respected elegant romantic, they also want this is which young lady, who knows but listen to her call them cousin. The Pan family has a lot of side branches, Granite Slab Supplier ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and there are a lot of people who call them cousins, but now they are standing beside the prince and calling them cousins, and they only think of one person. Table. Younger female cousin The two men were stunned and could not believe that this was their aunt's daughter, the daughter of His Majesty today, Princess Jingyang. Pan Yue still remembers that when she was a child, she was often called into the palace by the empress's aunt. The empress's aunt liked her very much and often gave her something. She often played with Princess Jingyang. But I don't know why, since Princess Jingyang had the title, the empress didn't like them very much. From then on, Pan Yue entered the palace less often, and after that, she did not see much wine in the palace, because the empress said that she was weak and needed rest. Not to mention Pan Qin, he also saw her when Yu Jiu was a few years old. Later, he heard his mother say that Princess Jingyang seemed to be weak and needed long-term rest. He also felt sorry for this cousin. He never thought she was so good now. The prince saw that they were staring at the rest of the wine, and he was displeased. "Sister?" Hear this sound, two people immediately came to their senses, just listen to a sister, only feel very frightened, when the relationship between Princess Jingyang and His Royal Highness the Prince was so close? "Wrap it up," said Yu Jiu. This is to say to the shopkeeper, and to Pan Yue two people, "did not expect to meet here, why not go to the wine shop to sit?" She is the honor of the princess, there is a prince in the side, but also relatives, they also want to understand why the prince will be with her, naturally there is nothing to object. Leaving the servant to pay, she and the prince went to the wine shop they had passed before. When they arrived at the wine shop, they took off their hats and smiled at them. It was like a breeze blowing on their faces, which made people feel happy. Pan Qin said from the bottom of his heart, "I didn't expect to meet my cousin here. I heard my aunt say before that my cousin was delicate and had to rest at home. This is a good health."? That's really great. He only felt that Yu Jiu was kind, and his attitude towards her was unusually gentle. Pan Yue said, "Yes, if I know my cousin is getting better, it's really a good thing. I must let my mother take me to visit her." Even relatives, Yu Jiu is now the only princess in the court, where they dare to despise, every sentence holding her to speak, as for the prince, the status is higher than Princess Jingyang, but he is unable to distinguish between joy and anger, they dare not speak rashly. But today the prince's mood seems to be very good, the whole process did not lose his temper, Pan Qin have to suspect that all heard and seen before is false, and can not all the people in the capital are blind, right? The only difference is.. Princess Jingyang. Pan Qinxin said that he must have a good talk with his father when he went back. Pan Yue felt that Princess Jingyang was too arrogant. She was the only legitimate daughter of Pan's family. She grew up with the stars holding the moon. Wherever she went, she was the focus. She was always held by others. Now she had to hold Princess Jingyang to speak. One or two sentences were enough. Although Princess Jingyang called her cousin, her attitude was not intimate. She said four or five sentences, and she only replied one sentence. If you really treat her as a relative, how can this happen? When Princess Jingyang stood up and said she wanted to go back, she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. "I'll ask my mother to take me to visit my aunt another day." His Royal Highness the prince is really very silent today, the silence makes people feel uneasy, he has always been angry when people are afraid, not angry when people are afraid, today he is quiet is not normal, until the time to enter the palace, His Royal Highness the prince waved to let them all back, the whole person is close to the rest of the wine, black blue eyes as if not living things, plus his delicate eyebrows, Like the weird doll in the Western Regions,Silver Travertine Slabs, he whispered, "Sister, you are my sister." 。