Prepaid cards are a smarter way to manage money because you’re only spending what you load onto the my prepaid balance card. Some cards offer online accounts that let you see your balance and track credits, debits, pending charges, and who has access to the account. Other cards allow you to call customer service to check your balance.
It’s easy to use

Keep your finances in check by adding all of your cards to one account and getting text or email alerts1 for low balance, verified transactions, or when funds load. This helps you stay on top of your spending and lets you set aside money for critical expenses like rent or mortgage, cable and Internet, electricity, gas and water – before moving on to other variable expenses.

You can also use the account dashboard to see all credits, debits and pending charges, and who has permission to access the card. The prepaid balance owner can change permissions at any time by clicking “Share Access” from their account page. They can even choose to have the card automatically add money when a minimum threshold amount is met.
It’s easy to pay

Using a prepaid card makes it easy to track credits, debits and pending charges. You can also set a minimum threshold alert that will trigger when your account balance drops to a specified amount. You can also automatically add funds from your savings or other bank accounts to your prepaid balance. And because prepaid cards are not reported to credit bureaus they won’t affect your credit score. You can even share access to your prepaid balance with team members.