Escape From Tarkov: Most Valuable Locations For Scav Runs

Woods: FOB Camp

On Woods, there are just a few locations actually well worth looting that the greater mainstream audience will flock to. One of those places is the FOB Camp placed close to the RUAF extraction web site. It's a place that's set extra or much less in an open area, making it a treacherous spot to method, however it's often really worth the journey.

As a scav, the FOB is a website that should be driven without delay, as there are dozens of med and tech spawns in the camp that Escape from tarkov roubles  may fill a backpack in seconds. It's normally placed very near extraction sites as well, meaning there's simplest a quick journey available in order to get away with all that candy loot.

Customs: Far Corner

In the 'Far Corner' vicinity of Customs, there are three buildings grouped closely together that make for a number of the excellent loot-amassing opportunities in the sport. There is a dense concentration of 'stashes', which might be hidden loot spots buried into the floor that can spawn truely whatever.

From rooms with PCs to gold spawns, and from large guns crates to a dozen toolboxes, there may be a lot loot to be dug up around the Far Corner extraction website online. It may be a large win for scav gamers, as there are three scav extraction factors that sit inside a 30-2d run from the region, which means they can enter the sport, fill their backpacks and rigs with loot, and then leave again with relative ease.

Shoreline: The Resort

It may be a touch perplexing for first-time gamers exploring the Resort place on Shoreline, but it is in the end very profitable. As the valuable factor to the map, Resort is wherein almost every participant will cross on the start of the game, and it could make for some exciting fight scenarios.

However, for a player scav generally spawning past due in the sport, there is not anything but the largest opportunity to smooth up after the fights, loot any defeated PMCs, and take a look at any rooms for ignored gadgets. It can be profitable, as some of the maximum precious objects in Escape From Tarkov - inclusive of a LEDX or a GPU - may be located in Resort.

Lighthouse: Water Treatment

On Lighthouse, the Water Treatment area is where the most tantalizing possibilities exist. However, it is also a region guarded by way of Rogues, a number of Escape from tarkov Roubles for sale the toughest enemies in the sport, and even as a scav, they may attack with out even a second's observe.

That's where a variety of the price comes from on this area, as even a scav participant can take down a Rogue, which'll deliver them get entry to to - pretty regularly - a few extraordinarily treasured guns and armor. There's additionally a remarkable concentration of tech, guns, and clinical boxes, or even a few excessive-cost gold spawn spots which could produce Bitcoins, Rolers, and Gold Chains.