What is Jira

Jira is a versatile work management tool designed for software teams, enabling efficient project organization and tracking. With extensive customization options, it enhances visibility and productivity for diverse projects. Trusted by over 65,000 global companies, Jira's bug-tracking capabilities aid in efficient problem-solving and risk management. It remains a leading agile project management solution for IT teams worldwide, benefitting various departments like operations, marketing, HR, legal, IT, and finance.

Jira + Flowace Autoamted Time Tracking

  • Capture time in predefined intervals 
  • Sync work logs with a time grid 
  • Monitor multiple events – viewing issues, commenting, and issue resolution 
  • Generate customizable messages for different events 
  • Restrict time tracking to specific user groups 
  • Automatically pauses tracking when the browser is inactive and resumes upon reactivation
  • Record in Jira Issue View, Jira Software Boards, and Jira Service Desk Queues.

How it Works

Leverage Flowace to monitor the time spent on tasks in Jira, enhancing productivity and allowing you to concentrate on the core aspects of business effectively.

Tracking with Jira

Sync bugs for accurate time tracking


Effortlessly synchronize Jira issues with Flowace activities with one simple click. Our time tracking solution ensures 100% accurate measurement of time spent on issues, enabling accurate reporting capabilities.


Automated Tracking with Productivity Metrics

Productivity at its optimal best


With seamless integration of Flowace’s Chrome Extension and Jira, log hours effortlessly using the built-in automated timer directly on the bug page you’re engaged in. Enhance your workflows, boost productivity, bid farewell to distractions, and uphold a consistent and focused approach to your tasks on a daily basis.


Access Powerful Insights Instantly

Analytics your workforce needs


Gain comprehensive reports of tracked time, aiding in productivity management and budget oversight. Utilize our diverse filters to identify patterns, and analyze issue-specific time allocations to boost time utilization. Get actionable insights into employee productivity for continual improvement on DevOps projects.


Acquire payroll-ready timesheets tailored for your business

Your business needs our Time tracking software


Flowace’s payroll-ready automated timesheets swiftly convert worked hours into comprehensive timesheet reports. This ensures precise salary calculations and easy access to all essential data, encompassing overtime, billable hours, missing hours, idle time, and more.

Getting started is super easy

Effortlessly Integrate Flowace with Jira Within Minutes

  • Sign in to your Jira account with your company credentials.
  • Access Integrations in Flowace and select Jira. 
  • Connect your Flowace account to Jira using the specified tool for smooth integration. 
  • Customize triggers and actions between Flowace and Jira according to your preferences. 
  • Optionally, install Flowace’s Chrome Extension to track time directly within Jira using the embedded timer. 

That’s all!

Experience precise and seamless project tracking - integrate JIRA with Flowace today!

Connect your Jira Services workspace easily to the Flowace time tracking app and witness a remarkable 10x ROI boost for all DevOps projects. Customize organizational settings, effortlessly capture work item time with a few clicks, and generate comprehensive project reports for informed decision-making. Start now and optimize productivity by 31% with effective time utilization every day!