The other thing I'd like to add to this list WoTLK Gold is if you're having to hold W often, according to how fast your guild is moving Then don't hesitate to make use of Arcane Explosion. It is still good. It's just going to cut through your mana quicker than Blizzard because of the fact that Blizzard has those extra chances to gain clear casting proxy, you are able to keep chaining the blizzards and I'll also cause the same damage as Blizzard.

But it's a lot more efficient than having the chain casting wizard like, if your tank just holds W like this, you'll have to be burning many mana the simple necessity of chain casting Blizzard when he's moving and you're gonna have blink in order to catch him up and all that.

So based on how your guild's status is Wk as well as through Max Don't be afraid to just stay with Tanks and Arcane Explosion cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold while you go. It's likely to be a good deal of damage.