Best sexologist in Maharashtra, India suggests why sex education is important with a few reasons as it has been quite a running topic of debate in the country whether to implement adequate sex education in schools and colleges or not. If we the pages of history, we would come across a few instances which prove that sex education holds a pivotal place in mak healthy, safe, and vibrant India in the future. Still, the education which teaches a lot about life is hardly taught in more than 9 educational institutes. If you are onto this blog you might be willing to know that what will happen if teens and adults do not access to adequate sex education.

Sexologist in Maharashtra

At some corners of the country, if education is provided to the people, it is merely not enough. It is like giving one spoon o to a person who is thirsty for days. Countries like Switzerland, the States, and Canada have been successfully running health programs in their schools and colleges.

An early interference in the sexual life of teens and the growing adults will help them to lead a healthy relationship in the lack of sex and relationship education will decrease the chances of improving the sexual health of young people. Find xologist in Maharashtra, India. At the point when teens pass up adequately taught sex education, they are put at e anger for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and premature, in addition to other diseases.