If you use snapchat then you must have noticed the purple ring around the stories of your friends. There are many people who want to know what does the purple ring on snapchat mean which is why this blog has been crafted. 

In this blog you will be able to know all you wish to know about the meaning of this ring and for what purpose it is used. 

Meaning of the Purple Ring on Snapchat for the users - 

You might find it weird but the purple ring on snapchat does not mean anything major, it is just a design which snapchat opted for showing you that your friend has put up a story which you haven’t watched yet. 

When you watch the story you will find that the purple colour of the ring turns to grey which shows that you have seen the story already. 

Blue Ring on Snapchat for the users - 

Just like purple circle snapchat the blue ring is also related to story and shows represents the story of your friends you have not watched, but there is a slight difference here. 

Where the purple ring shows public stories which are for everybody, blue rings indicate private stories which are only for some people, and if you see a blue ring then it means that you are included in the list of close friends. 

We hope that the details on snapchat story rings in different colours which we offered to you were of help for you in getting to learn about it.