Your business is only as good as its technology stack. And the healthcare sector is no exception to that. Telemedicine App Development has helped numerous hospitals and clinics adopt telemedicine systems that are quick and easy to use, simple to integrate with other systems, and scalable enough to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Telemedicine app development is a new way of providing healthcare services by overcoming distance and time. Telemedicine can be used for hospital consultations, as an alternative to emergency trips, as a substitute for nurse visits, as well as many other options. It helps in teleconferencing between different medical professionals to treat patients without physical encounters.

Our feature-packed mobile applications for healthcare providers and aggregators help them to connect more effectively with their patients. By cutting down on paperwork, the Telemedicine App Development Company reduces the time it takes for doctors and hospitals to provide care.

Want to know what features and benefits are offered by our telemedicine app?

The users love the following features of our platform:

Patient Panel:

  1. Search Doctors
  2. Book Home/Clinic Visit
  3. Book Video Consultation
  4. View Upcoming Appointments
  5. Easy Access to Appointment History
  6. Notifications


Doctor Panel:

  1. Manage Profile
  2. Detailed Dashboard
  3. Cancel Appointment
  4. Update Availability
  5. Create and Share ePrescription
  6. Notification


Admin Panel:

  1. Powerful Dashboard
  2. Manage Services
  3. Register Doctors
  4. Reports and Analytics
  5. View Appointments
  6. Configure Notification


Optional Features:

  1. Integration with EHR, EMR, and HMS software
  2. App Localization
  3. Digital Health Records
  4. Wallet
  5. Video Session Recording
  6. Flat and Percentage Discounts

Telemedicine apps are the future of healthcare, and there's no time like the present to invest in this rapidly growing industry. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect with us to develop a telemedicine platform for your clinic.