The man thought for a while and said, "It was between 5:30 and 6:00. I, I, I just drove by here and saw it." Lan Keying nodded, the smile on his face blooming, but this smile no matter in whose eyes people feel a little cold. "Since you were the first to find it, why didn't you call the police at the first time?" The man also did not know oneself this is how, unexpectedly directly excited spirit to hit a shiver, but still said. I, I, I am a reporter. With such good news, I, naturally I had to report it first. Then, then I immediately informed the photographer and asked him to come over. And, and the crane was also my friend's. I asked them to come over and help. As he spoke, the man grinned and looked up at Lan Keying. The tone was somewhat righteous. And I do this, is not also a help to your police, this report out, then the family of the deceased will naturally come to identify the body, and, and. "You don't have to go down and pick the body any more." "And, and, we journalists want the public to have the right to know, so don't look at me like I'm doing everything wrong." "This is what we should do as journalists." So, just a little bit,ultrasonic cutting machine, he's not wrong. Lan Keying smiled. Hey, as a reporter, can you understand some common sense? It is illegal to move the dead body of a criminal case without permission, so brother, you have broken the law. With these words, Lan Keying had already directly let go of the hand that had been holding the man's arm. The man was a little confused. It's impossible. How do you know that the man died in a criminal case? Maybe he committed suicide himself. The cockerel gave the reporter a direct look. Hey, then try to climb. 。 Chapter 0404 two ligature marks (second watch). "Hey, try climbing." It really hurts to talk with two eyeballs. The street lamp pole is so high, and people are not monkeys. Where monkeys can climb up with their bare hands, you can't see that you can climb up if you change people. The man was so angry with the cockerel that he stared at him and forgot to be afraid for a moment. Staring directly at the cockerel, "How can you police talk to me like that?" "Oh, as policemen, you talk to our common people like this." The sarcastic look on the cockerel's face was even stronger, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and just as he was about to open his mouth, he was stopped by a look from Lan Keying. Then Lan Keying stood in front of his apprentice. Mr. Reporter, there's something wrong with what he said. Don't you think the dead man climbed up and hanged himself? The man opened his mouth and looked at Lan Keying without speaking. Well, that's exactly what he meant. But Lan Keying's voice continued. This kind of behavior is too difficult, we as police do not know how to operate, so he asked you, since you are better than our police, can directly conclude that people are suicide, then please demonstrate the feasibility of this operation. The cockerel listened to his master's words, but immediately beamed again. Ha ha ha ha, I know my own master is the best for me. And Long Aotian also opened his mouth at this time. This gentleman, we did not hear anything wrong with what the police officer said. "However, if Mr. Xing feels that his words and deeds are inappropriate, then you can complain, believe that our police complaint telephone, you are also clear, but I do not have to repeat it again." "But, Mr. Reporter, you should first think about how to explain your false reports and the destruction of the scene." "And have you thought about the consequences of this?" Hearing this, the journalist was really in a hurry. I don't have a false report. "As journalists, we are the most practical and realistic." "And what are the consequences of this?" Long Aotian glanced at him and then clicked on his cell phone. It was the reporter's previous report on the morning news that was playing on the mobile phone. "Dear viewers in front of the TV, this is the Luhe Expressway, where we found a body hanging on the street lamp, shaking, like a flag from a distance." "And when we come to the body, we can see that the body has been air-dried, and there are many injuries on it, so it should be certain that the body should have been tortured to death.." "Now that the body has been dried, it means that the body has been hanging here for a long time. Why hasn't the police come to investigate the case? I'm not a policeman, but I can't give you a reasonable explanation, but I can assure you that I will follow up and report on this case." "Alas, I have to say that the efficiency of the police in our city is really.." Ha ha ha! Long Aotian looked at the man. As a journalist, he not only failed to report truthfully, but also maliciously guided public opinion. The man argued for himself, "I didn't. I didn't say anything in the end." The little sword added to one side, "Your sound is better than a thousand words." And by this time, everyone from the Major Crimes Unit had arrived. It has to be said that now this reporter, as well as the friends he called, are not welcomed by everyone in the Major Crimes Unit. Lan Keying and the cockerel found a lot of footprints and fingerprints on the street lamp pole. The cockerel is light and painful. Master, do you still need to collect these? They should all belong to those bastards. Lan Keying nodded, "Naturally, we need to collect it. Go back and make a comparison. What if it's not theirs?" The cockerel nodded,ultrasonic dispersion machine, knowing that the hope was not great, but it was still appointed to collect it. After collecting the traces around them, the two men began to examine the body. How about Keying? Is it possible to determine the time of death of the deceased? 。