What do you use to carry water with you? Do you use the same old plastic bottles, or do you buy water bottles each time you need them? Both options are inappropriate in every aspect. Plastic water bottles are not safe, and buying, using, throwing away one-time water bottles contributes to higher waste generation. If you do not want to be part of both types of issues, you should choose a vacuum insulated water bottle. But before you buy a water bottle, make sure to check a few things.

Vacuum Insulated:

You can use water bottles for different purposes. You can even pour coffee, tea, and other beverages into them. However, you should focus on buying vacuum-insulated water bottles to have a wider range of applications. Vacuum-insulated water bottles keep cold liquids cold for almost the entire day. On the other hand, these bottles can keep hot drinks like coffee and tea hot for almost half a day. Hence, they are perfect every time.


Have you ever tasted that weird taste of food items or drinks stored in a container? It is because of the chemical content of the container. They do influence the taste of whatever is inside. If your water bottle also changes the taste of the water, make sure to replace it soon. You can buy a stainless-steel bottle, which is much better. But make sure to get BPA free water bottles even if you are buying a stainless steel one.

Sweat-Proof Exterior:

There are several better options available in the market. You can even find a better replacement for your regular water bottle. For instance, you can get a stainless steel, BPA-free, and vacuum-insulated water bottle with much better and more reliable attributes. One thing that you should check before buying a water bottle is its sweat-proof exterior. When you store something hot or cold inside a bottle, it starts sweating. Carrying it in your hand becomes difficult. Also, it can make you feel irritated because now you have to take care of another concern.

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