Recently, Tesla CEO Musk attended an event with celebrity Little Lolita, and photos of their intimate interaction became popular on the internet. At first glance, this seems like just another scandalous scandal.

However, the "partner" in the photo is actually a heavily impersonated human "sex robot Sophia" with AI and facial recognition abilities. This gives people new food for thought about artificial intelligence and sex tools. sex dolls

First, it makes many people reconsider Musk's values and personal nature as an entrepreneur. His intimate interaction with the AI robot has a certain "distorted" component to the eyes of the outside world.

At the same time, it also reminds our society of the advanced nature of sexual and emotional technology. With the rapid development of AI technology, the realignment of sexual desire and intimacy has sparked new societal and ethical debates.

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Finally, the research direction behind it also reflects the complex conflicts of human nature. On the one hand, we crave a high level of emotional connection beyond the physical body, TPE doll, but the origin of emotions lies in physiological needs. There is confusion.

Overall, Musk's photos with sex robots are worth considering. It shows the power of boulevard society on a personal level. It also reminds us that we need to establish stronger ethical guidelines to govern the relationship between humans and AI.

The key is: technological progress cannot be attributed to everything, we still have to inherit basic human values. Otherwise, such careless attitude will cause us to lose our inherent humanity.