Word games are a great way to expand one's lexicon. These word games are both fun and useful for learning and practicing English vocabulary. These word games include a wide variety of genres, from puzzles to crosswords to word searches and beyond. Here are some popular applications for keeping tabs on your focus and English comprehension that you can download right now on your iPhone or Android device. Here, we've culled the sea of available word games to bring you only the best of the best.

Group Project 2
One of the most popular applications for word puzzle fans is Work With Friends 2, which challenges players to come up with proper terms across many difficulty levels. Beginning a game can be done in a variety of ways, including by challenging friends or using predetermined, programmed characters. The player of this Word Game may form alliances with other players to take on challenges and level up together.

Scavenger Hunt with Friends
The gamer can choose to subscribe to Work with Friends Pro or have no third-party adverts if the interruptions from them become too much to bear. Follow the app's Twitter and Facebook pages to receive timely notifications about new features and bug fixes. Choose in-app purchases to unlock more game types.

Check out Work With Friends 2 on iTunes or Google Play!

Puzzles in the New York Times
Word Puzzle was developed by the New York Times so that you may take your crosswords with you everywhere you go on your Android or iPhone. The crossword app featured here is released a day before it appears in print, giving you a leg up on your competition. If you want to improve your problem-solving abilities, this Word game for iOS and Android is your best choice.

 Word Wipe

With Word Wipe by Arkadium, you can increase your vocabulary and mental agility. This word-finding game is popular among players. Because it starts out simply but quickly becomes challenging as players race against. The clock to remove rows and columns of letter tiles. This surprisingly engaging browser game is available for no cost at all. You can always find something to do, thanks to the game's many levels. Even if you take a little vacation from your regular routine.