With the immense popularity of virtual event, especially since the pandemic, you must also be thinking about how you can include virtual events in your event plans.virtual events platform are like online events where people don’t have to attend the event inperson, instead, they can attend the event from their home, office, park, etc.

Virtual events are popular for the flexibility they provide to the users. They also allow you to save money by not spending on travel costs, accommodations, premises rent, etc.Many businesses have started opting for virtual events even in this post covid era. This is because of the opportunity to reach out to a wider, international audience that virtual events provide us with.

Types of Virtual Events

So, if you’re thinking of how to inculcate virtual events in your associations, below are some types of virtual events you can explore and discuss with your team.



Webinars resemble seminars but are conducted online. They may be accessed at any time of day and are the most prevalent kind of virtual event. A single topic is typically covered by the speaker throughout a webinar, and the audience can participate through polls, interactive chat, and Q&A sessions. Webinars are often live events with a small audience that lasts less time than other types of virtual events. Since they're a great way to give lectures, presentations, and conversations on themes, webinars are most popular among educational institutions. A link to a webinar can be found on the speaker's website, on their social media pages, or in an email, they send to you.


Virtual Conference

Members of a virtual conference can attend live activities and meetings remotely via their laptops. All keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking activities are held fully online at this kind of virtual event. This type of virtual event will likely require a lot of coordination. The ability for participants to access a virtual conference from any location and on any device is only one of its many advantages. You can also reach a larger audience this way. Participants find it more appealing because they won't have to schedule travel time or pay for lodging.


Hybrid events

Hybrid events are yet another incredible variety of virtual events. Due to the fact that hybrid events allow you to reach a wider audience by catering to both onsite and online audiences, they are the most popular type of event among businesses and organizations. It combines an actual in-person event with a virtual one. You can socially interact with attendees who are physically present at the event as well as those who are participating virtually in a hybrid event. Additionally, they are less expensive because you only need to fly in those guests whose physical presence is essential or who are conveniently accessible to attend in person; everyone else may watch the event online.

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