When it comes to effective magnetic marketing, custom car magnets signs are one of the most powerful tools available. Car magnets provide a great way for businesses to reach out and make an instant impression while still providing the freedom that's necessary for creating a unique, eye-catching message. By utilizing high quality car magnet signs from reputable providers like ScreenWorks, businesses can have their message effectively advertised on cars driving around town by easily transferring them from vehicle to vehicle with no hassle or additional cost.


Car magnets offer various advantages over other forms of advertisement: they are lightweight, don't require installation or fastening devices, and are easily removable at any time without leaving a mark behind! In addition to being cost-effective and efficient for business promotion purposes, these magnetic signs also have excellent visibility due to their large size - making them highly visible both during motion and in parked positions. You can even use vibrant colors or bold graphics if you want your message to really stand out!


At Screenworks we pride ourselves in providing customized designs tailored specifically towards your business' needs - incorporating fonts, logos colors etc., which best suit your brand identity image. We believe that using the highest quality materials is essential for ensuring durability; as such all our products come with our lifetime guarantee against fading and cracking due to UV exposure or adhesion failure under normal use conditions – giving you peace of mind knowing that your advertisement investment will last long into the future with no compromises when it comes quality.


So if you're looking for an effective yet affordable way of advertising your product/service – consider investing in some Custom Car Magnet Signs… With such easy transferability coupled with its evergreen appeal there's simply no better choice than this tried-and-true method that has been increasingly popular amongst savvy marketers since its inception!