For chronic or severe pain, opioids are suggested. As chronic pain lasts for a longer time. They are effective medicines to take but can be addictive also. So, they must be consumed carefully according to the requirements. 


Subutex and suboxone are opioids. They are approved meds by the FDA for the treatment of opiate addiction among people. After 2002, it is prescribed by doctors who are experts and trained in this field. The main difference between both is that suboxone contains both buprenorphine and naloxone. Whereas Subutex contains buprenorphine only. 


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What is the difference between Subutex and suboxone? 

  • They are both branded medicine names.

  • Subutex is considered to be effective in treating opiate addiction problems in people. 

  • Suboxone includes Naxalite and buprenorphine to treat the issue with its medication.

  • Injections are there to take the Subutex medicine to obtain faster and higher results. 

  • For suboxone, tablets are there to consume on a daily basis. 

  • The abuse potential of both medicines differs. As suboxone can be less abused than Subutex. As it contains naloxone.

  • Suboxone is considered the best option to treat severe opiate addiction in people. 


Which one is better? 


The comparison is made between the two along with their side effects listed below-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsy
  • Nausea
  • Constipation 
  • Depression
  • Chills
  • Sweating
  • Cough


In comparison, the evidence suggests that one of them is effective in the treatment and cure of opiate addiction. Both medicines should be used as per the required dosage and medication. In both buprenorphine will work in the right way to reduce opiate addiction and decrease craving. 

Both medicines are used for addiction treatment in large numbers. Therapy is also required along with medication for good results. This helps in the sustained recovery of people from addiction. 


Working of Subutex


Buprenorphine in Subutex helps to reduce opiate addiction from the brain. It helps the brain to function well. It's a really effective medicine. A single day's dose of medicine is enough. It works slowly and side effects may occur after 3 to 4 hours. 


Which is more effective?


Scientific evidence is there to prove it. When they are used according to prescribed guidelines and under the supervision of a doctor the main ingredient of medicine buprenorphine will help to reduce or vanish opiate addiction. Due to drug abuse chances with Subutex, people suffering from severe opiate addiction will prefer Suboxone for treating their addiction effectively and properly. 


Treatment is necessary for addiction along with medicine. With the help of an addiction treatment center, recovery can be faster. 


What is buprenorphine?


A pain relief ingredient that binds with opioid receptors in the brain and reduces pain and feeling of well-being. Withdrawal symptoms occur which decreases cravings for drugs like heroin and prescribed painkillers. It's found in suboxone as well as Subutex. 


How is treatment with suboxone done?


The doctor prescribes this medicine. Treatment monitoring is done closely. Few doses are given at a time. As time will pass the doctor will allow the patient to manage their treatment on its own.


Is suboxone more expensive than Subutex?


Subutex is cheaper than suboxone. But they can be used as substitutes for each other. Both are prescribed for home treatment for a longer time. 


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Why are both meds prescribed by doctors?


After examining physical symptoms in patients, doctor's prescribed both medicines for complete recovery. Instead of it, therapies, and meetings, to form connections with other people are also part of the treatment. All this helps to recover and reduce addiction quickly. 


If you are struggling with opiate addiction, then there are detox programs also available. Like medical detox, inpatient drug detox programs, dual diagnosis programs, psychotherapy programs, etc. 


Through these programs, you can overcome these addictions and live healthier life. 


Common side effects of suboxone


The common side effects of suboxone include-






Sleeping problems

Stomach ache

Concentration problem


Some other side effects are also there which may need medical attention immediately.



Irregular heartbeat

Mood swings like anxiety, hallucination, etc.

Shallow breaths

The issue in waking up

Unusual drowsiness


Drugs that can interact with suboxone are benzodiazepines, rifampin, and many more. 


Some side effects of Subutex 


Common side effects of Subutex are given below



Stomach ache


Severe sweating





Indigestion issue

Watery eyes



Why do doctors prescribe Subutex even if it does not have opioid blocker ingredients?


Subutex is considered to be the best medicine despite no opioid blocker. It is beneficial for patients who are in the early stage of treatment because the medication is prescribed to the patient early. It's best when opioid treatment is beginning. This is when withdrawal symptoms are active. 


Suboxone med is not suggested to people who still are in opioid addiction. As the treatment can get worse. 


Precautions of Subutex 

  • Do not chew the medicine
  • Not to eat or drink while the medicine is getting dissolved.
  • Place the medicine under the tongue while having it.
  • Take the medicine properly as prescribed by the doctor.


Precaution related to suboxone

  • You should not have any allergies. If you have talked with your doctor.

  • No breathing problems or Brain disorders should be there.

  • Don't use any machinery after taking the medicine. As you can feel drowsiness.

  • Dental problems can be there while taking this medicine. So, visit your dentist for it and solve your dental issue.

  • Consult with a doctor before taking the medicine, especially for pregnant women. 

  • Make sure there is no irregular or fast heartbeat or any other heart-related problem. 


So, these are some of the precautions of suboxone that need to be read carefully. To avoid any further problems in your health. 


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