Gabapentin is also known as Neurontin. It helps to treat nerve pain and also helps in the prevention of migraine headaches. It can be used with other medicines to treat and control seizures. Shingles also get treated which are painful rashes due to zoster infection. 


You can buy gabapentin online available on our website. A prescription is required to purchase gabapentin online. Gabapentin medicine works by changing the way nerves send messages to the brain. It includes many uses listed below-

  • Relieves nerve pain which is also called neuropathy. It occurs when nerves get damaged by an injury or disease. 

  • Treats epilepsy by controlling seizures to occur. 

  • Prevents migraine attacks if another medicine is not suitable for doing so. 


Usage of gabapentin oral medicine 


First, read the guide provided. The leaflet is also available which contains patient information. Consume this medicine with food or without it. The dose is based on the medical condition of the patient. Children can also take this medicine depending upon their weight. The medicine can be taken by splitting it in half. Another half can be taken at the next scheduled time of medicine. Purchase gabapentin online cash on delivery option with special offers and discounts.


Capsules are also there. It can be consumed as a whole with water. Follow the instructions given by the doctor strictly. To recover completely. During the first few days, the doctor will increase the dose of the medicine. So that body can adjust to the medicine. Side effects of the medicine can be decreased by taking the first dose during your bedtime. 


Dosage of the medicine. 


The dose of this medicine differs from person to person. 

In the beginning, a low dose is given by the doctor for body adjustment.

Three doses are recommended daily. 

The pharmacy label of the medicine also has instructions regarding the dosage of medicine and other special instructions. 

What are the precautions to be taken?


The precautions of gabapentin are provided below to follow strictly- 


People suffering from kidney disease are not recommended this medicine. 


For diabetic people, gabapentin is not suitable. 


Individuals taking any other medicine are also not suggested. It may include any herbal or complementary medicine. 


Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are also not allowed to have this medicine. As it can be harmful to their babies. 


These individuals are not suitable for this medication. Or medication can be taken with some extra care. 


Side effects of gabapentin 


Like all other medicines, there are side effects of gabapentin also. Side effects also get reduced over time as the body gets adjusted to the medication. 


Dizziness and drowsiness are often caused in the beginning. 2-3 people experience this side effect. So, be careful while driving, sitting, or standing. Loss of balance can lead to falls or injury, especially in elderly people. Drinking alcohol should be avoided during the medication as it can worsen drowsiness. 


Medicine can be addictive. In case patients have a history of drug abuse or alcohol. It can also be more addictive when taken with other medicines. To avoid dependence, frequent or longer doses need to be prevented. 


A stomach ache can be there. To avoid it, take gabapentin with food and consult with a doctor if it increases.


Weight gain is possible. So eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 


Headaches are also a side effect. It should go with time but if it doesn't then tell your doctor.


Ankle swelling can be there. It's common in old people or high doses are taken. 


Allergies can be there such as skin Rashes, fever, etc. 


How to take gabapentin medicine?


Take it on time every day. Follow the guidelines and remember capsule must be swallowed with water. You can also mix the capsule with some juice and then consume it.


Limit the intake of alcohol while you are on medication. As it has side effects of sleepiness, dizziness, etc.


Relief From Pain will not be provided immediately. It will take time so be patient. 


Take the medicine regularly. Do not stop taking it suddenly as it can have adverse effects on your health. Consult with your doctor if you wish to stop taking it. It's recommended to stop taking medicine with time and in a slow manner. 

Medicine interactions


The medicine interactions can change according to your medication working and increase the risk of side effects. You should not change, start or stop taking a dose of medicine without telling the doctor. The risk of side effects gets increased if the medicine is taken with other medicines. Drowsiness and breathing issues can be there. Tell your doctor beforehand if you are taking other medicines also for sleep or anxiety, muscle relaxants, or cough relief. 


You should check the label of the medicine Before taking it. As they include ingredients that can cause various severe side effects. You can ask for help from your chemist about safely using other medicines. 


For overdose, a doctor's consultation is safe and necessary. Symptoms of overdose can be severe breathing problems, not being able to speak, drowsiness, etc. If you sometimes miss your dose, then take it immediately as you remember. But you need to take your next dose on time. Keep a 12 hours break between 3 doses in a day. As your seizures can increase. You can consult your doctor also if it happens. 


How to store the medicine?


Store the medicine at room temperature and away from light and moisture. Keep the medicines away from small children and pets. Don't flush the medicine if not required. Properly discard it if it expires or is not required for further use. 

How to purchase gabapentin online?


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