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Salesforce PDI exam covers a range of topics including data modeling, Apex programming, Visualforce development, and Lightning Component Framework. As a PDI certified professional, you will be able to design and develop custom applications using the latest Salesforce technologies. You will also be able to build custom user interfaces and integrate them with other systems.

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Salesforce PDI certification exam is essential for developers who want to showcase their skills and expertise in Salesforce development. PDI exam tests the developer's ability to build custom applications on the Salesforce platform, design custom user interfaces, and automate business processes using Apex and Visualforce. It is also an excellent way for developers to validate their knowledge of Salesforce development best practices and design patterns.

Salesforce Platform Developer I (PDI) Sample Questions (Q42-Q47):

A developer writes the following code:
What is the result of the debug statement?

  • A. 2, 200
  • B. 1, 100
  • C. 2, 150
  • D. 1, 150

Answer: C

What will be the output in the debug log in the event of a QueryExeption during a call to the @query method in the following Example?

  • A. Querying Accounts. Custom Exception Done.
  • B. Querying Accounts. Custom Exception.
  • C. QueryingAccounts. Query Exception.
  • D. Querying Accounts. Query Exception. Done

Answer: D

A developer must create a CreditcardPayment class that provides an implementation of an existing Payment class. Public virtual class Payment { public virtual void makePayment(Decimal amount) { /*implementation*/
} } Which is the correct implementation?

  • A. Public class CreditCardPayment implements Payment {
    public virtual void makePayment(Decimalamount) { /*implementation*/ }
  • B. Public class CreditCardPayment implements Payment {
    publicoverride void makePayment(Decimal amount) { /*Implementation*/ }
  • C. Public class CreditcardPayment extends Payment {
    public override void makePayment(Decimal amount) { /*implementation*/ }
  • D. Public class CreditCardPayment extends Payment {
    public virtual void makePayment(Decimal amount) { /*implementation*/ }

Answer: C

A developer is creating a page that allows users to create multiple Opportunities. The developer is asked to verify the current user's default } | Opportunity record type, and set certain default values based on the record type before inserting the record. i, J Calculator How can the developer find the current user's default record type? ns

  • A. Use Opportunity. SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypelnfos() to get a list of record types, and iterate through them until [ J isDefaultRecordTypeMapping() is true. Pencil & Paper |
  • B. Query the Profile where the ID equals userInfo.getProfileID() and then use the profile.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() | | method. ] |
  • C. Use the Schema.userlnfo.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() method. < Create the opportunity and check the opportunity.recordType before inserting, which will have the record ID of the current Dal user's default record type.

Answer: A

An org has an existing Flow that creates an Opportunity with an Update Records element. A developer update the Flow to also create a Contact and store the created Contact's ID on the Opportunity.
Which update should the developer make in the Flow?

  • A. Add a new Quick Action element(of type Create).
  • B. Add a new Create Records element.
  • C. Add a new Get Records element.
  • D. Add a new Update Records element.

Answer: B


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