Diabetes is a life-long situation that demands careful treatment and management. You can live a healthy and long life by sticking to effective management. Undoubtedly, doctors and your family members will always support you manage your diabetes. But, remember you are the one who can best care for your diabetes. Below mentioned is the list of ways to manage diabetes.

  1. Healthy Diet: Do not forget that you should eat a healthy diet low in sugar and saturated fats. A healthy diet for you will mostly contain foods rich in fiber such as more vegetables, protein, whole graincereals, and rice. You can also add fruits that contain less sugar and low-fat cheese and milk. You can consult a dietitian-nutritionist who is a diabetes educator to help you form a healthy meal plan. Do not forget to drink lots of water instead of soda and juice.
  1. Activeness: You should stay active to remain healthy and fit. Make exercise a part and parcel of your life. Aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking, and bicycling can help you manage your weight and blood glucose level. Exercise 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week is highly recommendable. You can also practice yoga or meditation that keeps your body and mind active and strong. But do not forget to take your doctor’s advice to know what exercise will be best for you.
  1. Glucose Levels: Ensure to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. Your doctor will guide you on how and when to check your glucose. If you are among those taking insulin and those who struggle to control glucose level should never forget to check their glucose habitually. If the blood glucose level is not good then do not delay seeking medical attention.
  1. Do Not Miss To Take Medicines: It is quite normal to forget diabetes medicines sometimes. But there are several ways to organize your medicines and make you remember to have the medicine. You can set alarms on the clock, phones, and computer as a reminder to take the medicine. You can also use a chart to keep a check on your medication each day.
  1. Examination of Feet: Make sure to check and examine your feet every day for cuts, red spots, and signs of infection. If you notice a red patch or sore that does not heal for a long time,consult the doctor immediately. Always keep your feet clean, moisten your feet with lotion and wearcomfortable shoes that do not cause blisters.
  1. Routine Care: Make a habit to take routine check-up from the doctor. At each visit, ensure to carry blood pressure, foot, and weight check along with review and update of a self-care plan. Be sure to conduct a cholesterol test, complete a foot exam, dental exam to keep a check on gums and teeth once a year. You should also get your urine and blood test done annually.

In my opinion, you should follow these above mentioned steps to learn to manage diabetes. Get your complete body check often and self-manage your body.

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