An Overview of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a method in which robots follow a process to complete a series of tasks without the need for human interaction. 

  • All these technologies reduce manual labor by giving people more time and making better use of their skills.
  • Robotic process automation, on the other hand, does not contain actual robots automating your tasks. RPA Tools/Vendors, on the other hand, provide a set of libraries and runtime environments for automating business processes.

When it comes to RPA Tools, let me give you a quick rundown of the market leaders.


Blue Prism's connected-RPA offering provides companies with intelligent digital workers capable of self-learning and continuous improvement, automating billions of user transactions and saving employees hundreds of millions of hours. To work more.

What is Blue Prism's operational architecture?

A Better Digital Workforce Platform A Workforce Digital Smart Platform is both business-driven and technology-driven, helping to become a digital enterprise that delivers human solutions and engages customer experiences. A digital enterprise requires more than one technological transformation.

Quickly build and implement a digital workshop that securely connects to our employees, processes, and systems with best-in-class technologies that help us compete and grow.

What are the characteristics of Blue Prism?

  • Secure & Accurate
  • Robust
  • 24*7 Workforce
  • Analytics
  • Data Security & Abstraction
  • Provide Cloud Support
  • Execution Intelligence

The Advantages of Blue Prism

Blue Prism provides the following advantages:


Superior Service Quality: Because the Digital workforce performs end-to-end audits, this tool provides better service quality.

High Accuracy: This tool conducts tasks in such a way that the results are high in accuracy and low in errors.

Scalable: This technology provides a scalable method because it is not based on scripts or recorders, but on an intelligent digital staff performing the functions.

Quick Service Deployment:

The services are simple to deploy since they can automate the application's controls regardless of their onscreen position.

Flexible Workforce: The Digital Workforce is built such that it does not require rest. It can run continuously without stopping and produce the same results with excellent precision.

Statistics: This tool includes dashboards that allow you to evaluate statistics, handle sessions, and much more.

Components of Blue Prism


  • Object Studio
  • Process Studio
  • Control Room
  • Release Manager
  • System Manager
  • Work Queue
  • Exception Handling

How Can You Overcome The Challenges Of Robotic Process Automation?

Implementing RPA requires careful planning. Businesses continue to use RPA solutions because they understand how to quickly address RPA challenges.

They think about resistance and onboarding, their apprehension, infrastructure concerns, business operations, organizational reorganization, the most recent applications, and so on. Additionally, firms are now implementing the proper ways for their processes to defend their future and secure their cash.

Business Implications

The company started production with improved operational capabilities, increasing production capacity from 8 hours a day to 24 hours a day.

  • No additional personnel is required.
  • Complete auditing was carried out.
  • Enhancement of the consumer experience through more human engagement.

 Challenges of RPA Implementations?


  • Employee Resistance and Onboarding
  • Processes have to be Right
  • Setting up Realistic Expectations
  • Mismanagement of Responsibilities
  • Lack of the Local Team
  • Desirable, but not Economical
  • RPA Maintenance
  • The Wrong RPA
  • Infrastructure Issues
  • Post-Implementation Adoption

A Holistic Strategy

An intelligent digital workforce platform and engaging customer experiences are possible by building an RPA platform based on Blue Prism.

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