In normal talk- It doesn’t matter that erectile dysfunction doesn’t always indicate an underlying heart problem. However, research suggests that men with erectile dysfunction that have no apparent cause, such as trauma, and who have no symptoms of heart problems, should be screened for heart disease before starting any treatment. This is a very important process.

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction characterized by difficulty achieving or maintaining a firm erection for sexual intercourse. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is considered common in men over the age of 55 to 60 years. It is not necessary to lose sexual desire after a certain age, and there are ways to gain the stamina needed to maintain a healthy sex life.

Erectile dysfunction can be due to many reasons that can be physical or psychological. Stress and anxiety are man’s worst enemies, giving rise to a vicious circle of excessive tension and poor performance in bed. Mental health continues to deteriorate. Work politics, career goals, family dynamics, and everything else trigger the tension. Every man lives with one or another concern. It is also possible to have a mental condition that leads to the inability to have sex. Depression is a medical condition that causes a man to lose interest in most activities, a mental condition that can affect sexual desire and performance in bed. Sex is one of them.

Is erectile dysfunction a sign of heart disease? Let us see –
Erectile dysfunction in men is the result of various health conditions. But can it warn of a future heart attack? The answer is yes; erectile dysfunction in men could very well indicate a heart attack.

To know the fact, let’s first look at the knowledge behind erections. A firm erection occurs when hormones are well balanced, blood supply is adequate, and nerve signals are working properly. This happens when all of these bodily functions work in harmony.

When cholesterol in the blood increases, plaques begin to build up in the arteries. Atherosclerosis, with fatty deposits beginning in the small arteries, is also known. Therefore, the clogged arteries reduce the blood supply to the penis and lead to erectile dysfunction. Doctors say that erectile dysfunction can lead to a heart attack in the next 4-5 years.
The doctor may ask you several questions, for example, the age of onset of erectile dysfunction, if it occurs with all partners, frequency, etc. Adequate medical and sexual history helps the sexologist to find the exact cause. It is very important that she listen carefully to all advice.

The sexologist can suggest suitable treatment plans that can improve the erection. Treatment can be in the form of medications or injections. A vacuum pump can help a man achieve an erection. Shock wave therapy can be used for erectile dysfunction in men and has shown promising results. If nothing works, the doctor performs surgery to fix the patient’s problem. It is safe to say that erectile dysfunction in men is 100% curable in most cases.

Why should I take the tip now? Let’s understand-
We can say that erectile dysfunction in men can damage their male ego. A man associates his masculinity and strength with sexual prowess. When a person cannot act as he wishes, it is the end of the life.

The man begins to think less of him and exhibits low self-esteem and self-confidence. He begins to affect other aspects of life. He affects mental health and can lead to anxiety and depression. Persistent stress can cause physical symptoms.

Anxiety increases heart rate and blood pressure and causes fatigue. This automatically degrades performance, and the stress doesn’t leave you and becomes an endless cycle. Being under stress due to erectile dysfunction becomes a mental illness that worsens the current situation.

You are in control and can handle the situation. Take a few easy steps to get back on your feet.
Most importantly, trust yourself and talk to your partner. Coming out clean and willing to ask for help can work wonders, and it takes courage to acknowledge the problem and put the necessary amount of work into it.

Let go of the debilitating fear of losing everything and own it. Sex awareness and education should be part of society and it should start with you.

Take charge of turning your life upside down. It starts with a simple consultation call with a sexologist. The solution to erectile dysfunction can be as simple as that.

A sexologist will help you understand the real cause of the problem. There is a high probability that your erectile dysfunction is multifactorial, and you need to work on multiple aspects to treat the disorder.

You can revive your overall health when you take care of your sexual health. The solution for erectile dysfunction is not rocket science, and you will see massive improvement in just a few sessions. This will help improve your erection and you will be able to return to a healthy sex life.

Bottom Line –
If you are not happy and angry with your sex life, you cannot enjoy emotional and physical closeness, and you also feel that the relationship with your partner is at stake and broken, you should consult a sexologist. It is always a good idea to take your health seriously and make your sex life more comfortable. Therefore, you should visit a sexologist for a better evaluation. Erectile dysfunction solution is available at hashmi dispensary, amroha. Our team of experts handles these matters with the utmost care and responsibility.

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